Every Monday I get to dissect a sex or relationship dream for my friends at Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything Inbetween  This week’s dream is about a gal who clearly is harboring pain from her ex…

Last night I dreamed that I was fighting with my ex husband. There was the usual yelling and screaming quite loud. And then a neighbor got ticked that we were being so loud and he shot me with his bow and arrow, twice.

I was in incredible pain but didn’t seem too concerned that I had two arrows sticking clear through me. I even went and changed clothes and used the restroom.

My ex said that he was going to eat and smoke a cigarette and then he’d take me to the ER. We didn’t seem to be in a panic about getting there. So I’m having trouble getting in the car and sitting because of these arrows but we finally get to the ER. That’s when I woke up.

Lauri: “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame, baby, you give love a bad name.” Do these lyrics hit home with you? Because according to this dream, they do! You were specifically shot with arrows, rather than a gun, which is a good indication this is indeed about cupid’s arrow. In other words, you were once madly in love but now that love has turned to pain. This is why you feel pain in the dream. Emotional pain in waking life often shows up in our dreams as physical pain… and your dream is showing you that you are carrying this emotional pain around with you daily just as you were going about your day with arrows through you in the dream.

And notice how you even change clothes and use the restroom! That is significant as it suggests you have tried to “change” your mindset and have even tried to “relieve yourself” of and flush away the frustration and pain. Unfortunately, it is still in you.

The fact that you wind up at the ER in the dream is a good indication the situation is getting urgent. Something is happening that is causing you to want to hurry up and heal already. Is it another relationship? Just keep in mind that when you were fighting with the ex in your dream, you were actually fighting with yourself. Perhaps you are mad at yourself for being in that relationship, or peeved because you can’t seem to let go of the pain. Whatever the case, I’ve learned that forgiving yourself is the best medicine.

Dreams help us in every area of our lives, relationships, career, overcoming the past… you name it!  When you can understand your dreams, your life gets better because decisions are easier, tough situations are clearer and you’re just plain smarter when you dream! My book Cracking The Dream Code will help you learn your own dream language so you can get an edge in life.