Ever dream you’re pregnant and/or give birth even though there is no way you could possibly be pregnant? It kinda freaks you out, huh? Before you go peeing on a stick, remember… dreams are symbolic! You can’t look AT them, you must look INTO them. The following is from the body chapter of my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life which makes a GREAT gift for the holidays, by the way…

When the body is pregnant, it is working hard to build a new life that is precious and full of possibilities. When the dream body is pregnant, it reflects your ability to work hard and create a new life for yourself. That is of course, if you are dreaming you are pregnant and are neither actually pregnant nor trying to be.

In June of this year my husband passed away. Last night I dreamt that I was pregnant and gave birth to a son. I didn’t feel any pain giving birth. I saw the baby come out with his limbs all folded up. I marveled at how absolutely perfect he was! He seemed to glow! The funny thing was that, after unwrapping himself, he got up and walked into the kitchen.
– Lynn 55

Lauri: Your dream is interesting and speaks volumes about your healing process. Despite being in grief, you have managed to “give birth” to something new and precious in your life. It could be a new project, idea or relationship, but my bet is that it is a new you! Sometimes in life we have to suffer greatly in order to find ourselves. That baby represents the new you that now can receive all your time and attention in order to grow and develop into something wonderful. The baby is glowing because your dreaming mind is “illuminating” the fact that you have this whole new life to look forward to. And this new you is not only “unfolding” before your very eyes but is also hungry for your attention and emotional nourishment, which is why he walks right into the kitchen!

Lynn replies: I have been thinking about going to a conference called “Celebrate Your Life” in Arizona. I finally received some life insurance money in the mail, so I think I’ll go. You are correct that I am giving birth to a new me. I do plan to make time to be attentive to my own needs and to “nourish” my spirit as well.

Lynn’s dream is showing her that her new life is here, since she gave birth in the dream. Now, she needs to give it the focus and care that one would give a newborn so that she can continue to grow and reach her full potential. When something is in the works in waking life is when the dream involves only pregnancy rather than birth. In my research, I’ve found that one of the most common reasons a woman (and yes, sometimes even a man) will dream of being pregnant is when she is in school working towards a degree. In this case, it is the knowledge that is growing and developing inside of her that will eventual give birth to a new life as a respected professional with some letters behind her name.

The message of pregnancy and birth dreams: A wonderful idea has been conceived and you are now in the process of bringing it to life. How far along you are in the dream is connected to how far along you are with this growing and developing issue. If you have given birth your hard work has paid off but that does not mean you are done. It is only the ending of one chapter so a new one can begin.

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