We all have a whole other body we inhabit when we dream… and it can really be put through the wringer! Our teeth fall out, our legs stop working or sometimes our brain oozes out of our feet! (That’s in the audio below) Whatever affliction or deformity your dream body experiences, it’s important to know that all the different parts of your body – to your dreaming mind – represent your waking life skills and abilities. And I don’t mean your ability to play the guitar but rather your ability to be a good listener, your ability to express yourself, etc., basically your emotional and psychological abilities.

The audio of the dream below is a great example of how a dream of an afflicted body part, or rather TWO afflicted body parts, is really a commentary on the dreamer’s psychological abilities. In this case, her ability to change her perspective and her ability to use her knowledge. This audio is from my weekly show The Dream Zone on Blogtalk radio, which you can hear or call into and let me interpret your dream for free every Thursday afternoon from 6 – 7pm EST.

That was a helluva dream, huh? Do you see how a seemingly gross and bizarre dream really does have meaning… once you know how to put the pieces together? Sue’s dream was giving her reassurance that she has the knowledge needed that will help her stay put at her job so it’s time to rid herself of her fear.

Your body dreams have a lot to tell you too! Look at your body dreams as an X-Ray that allows you to peer deep into yourself in order to get a clearer, more descriptive picture of how functional or dysfunctional, healthy or broken all your emotional and psychological parts are.

My latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life has an entire chapter on body dreams and thoroughly covers: Teeth, Hair, Eyes, Chest, Hands, Stomach,
Butt, Legs, Feet, Genitals, Pregnancy and Birth

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