CinnaDon’t you just love it when a celebrity makes a cameo appearance in your dream? Whether it’s Oprah Winfrey, Madonna or Donald Trump, you can be certain your dreaming mind chose him or her for a very good reason. The best way to figure out why a celebrity is co-starring with you in your dream is to ask yourself what it is that celebrity is best known for. Is it a character they have played on TV or in the movies? Can you relate that character or show to your life right now? Is it a song? If so, does the title or the lyrics speak to you right now? Whether you are a fan or not, there is something about that celebrity that your inner mind connects with and it uses that celebrity to convey a message to you, about you so that you can continue to shine.

The following is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone and is a PERFECT example of how the celebrities in our dreams provide more than entertainment value… they come with a very important message.

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that I was going to have sex with Lenny Kravitz. He was waiting for me in a bedroom and I was in my co-worker’s bathroom for an hour getting ready: showering, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. I was wondering if he would fall asleep waiting for me, and kept looking at the clock because it was 10pm and I was afraid I would be late getting home. Boy I wish that dream was real!   – Christine 44, Wear, NH

Lauri: In real life what are you preparing for that seems to be taking longer than anticipated? Lenny Kravitz is a clue… and a very nice clue at that! When a celebrity appears in our dreams the message they hold for us can usually be found in a role that they have played, a movie they have been in or in the title or lyrics of a song that they sing. When you think of Lenny, what comes to mind? Whatever it is, that is where we are going to get our “Aha! Moment.”

Christine replies: I’m having a hard time pinpointing an answer to your first question but I’ve been wanting to change careers and get my high school diploma to go to college, but that isn’t something I‘ve started working on. I also haven’t been losing the weight and I’ve been attempting that for some time now. And I do remember being paranoid thinking he would think I was fat.

Lauri replies: This may be what your dream is connected to, how long YOU are taking to do what is necessary to get that diploma, change careers AND ESPECIALLY lose weight. This is where I think Lenny Kravitz comes in. Most recently he was in The Hunger Games. He must represent the hunger you have to deal with in order to lose the weight you want that is unfortunately taking too long to come off.

Christine replies: Yes! This totally makes sense!

Remember, celebrities are known, seen, recognized and applauded; the celebrity in your dream is portraying a part of you that wants recognition and approval, and it is most likely connected to what that celebrity is best known for. So give yourself a critique of your performance in life lately. Do you deserve two thumbs up and applause, or boos and hisses?

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Kelly Sullivan Walden “Doctor Dream”

27 thoughts on “How to figure out what the celebrity in your dream means

  1. Nora says:

    I always dream about me with tv or cinema star whether it is Egyptian or American and we always have fun together so what does it mean?

  2. Juanita Gladhill says:

    I dreamed that I met Richard Gerr. I arsk him. If he remembered me? From acting together. He just looked at me. I don't act. I don't work. I am disabled. Very weird.

  3. Kelsey Blakeley says:

    I met Ashton Kutcher, It was in a huge theater type place and he was about 3 rows of seats away from me and I was behind looking at him, Then all I remember is him getting up & shouting I'm not going to be afraid, I love her and he made this dramatic exit, I think he was talking about Mila Kunis?
    then channing tatum and jenna drewer his wife where surrounded by fans and I just remember thinking if I just say hello casually & not be all over them like everyone else he'd notice me but he didn't.
    wierd dream and I'd love an answer 🙂

  4. Shahad Frost says:

    I dreamed of meeting bruno mars in 2 weeks.. 3 times, the first one is that he really liked me and I meet and greet him, second is I was walking with my family and heard that bruno mars is gonna sing in a concert in the same mall we were at then I actually sat first row and he sang a song for me 😀 and the third is when I went to a small penthouse when I meet weird people that must be friends with bruno mars :3

  5. Herro Baker says:

    Ok well there is a singer that a really admire he's very famous. Last night I dreamed that he was in my school we were both in my class he got up towards the exit but i approached him and i said to him hey you are daddy yankee he hugged me and whispered in my ear do you have a boyfriend and i said no and then i woke up with the alarm clock because i had to get up for work. I work in a school as a teacher assistant.

  6. I have a reoccurring dream of meeting Madonna. She is always either judging a dance competition or being interviewed. A few times I actually spoke with her personally in the dream. Why is it always Madonna??

  7. Δημ Μι says:

    I was searching for the same answer

  8. Δημ Μι says:

    I think talking with Madonna is reexamining your empowerment. Depending on your conversations you are dealing with your ways of empowering yourself. And you are actually talking to yourself. So what did you tell to your empowered self? At any rate you want to combine your old empowered self with your recent perspective of life!

  9. Δημ Μι says:

    Better yet instead of dueling in past glories you should create a new empowered self. Something that it is poweeful and in synch with you now and speaks for you directly from the heart . . . That is how you created Madonna at one point in time in your psychic 🙂

  10. Rosie Peña says:

    I have had about 7 dreams with Oprah in them, hanging out with her, chatting with her, listening to her speak, but last night I dreamed she was at Target looking at things to buy and everyone was staring at her because they knew she was Oprah and I did not have the courage to ask her to take a selfie with me but I wanted to. She was dressed in a beautiful colorful dress as if she was going to go to a red carpet event but she was needing to buy something at Target beforehand so that's why she was there.

  11. Shon says:

    I had a dream that me and drake were in a relationship.

  12. Bibi says:

    I have been dreaming for some time now that I act movies with top Nigerian celebrities…In most of the dreams,I play an important role….I have never thought of being an actress…I don’t even know how to act…please can you explain why I act movies in my dreams?

  13. Tanya says:

    I had a dream that me and Jay-Z was in an office putting together a new look for Rocka wear? Then I told him I love Kanye and he will get a divorce and marry me then, Jay-Z looked jealous so I said I was kidding. Then we got back to work. Well people say my husband looks like Kanye West, and I do have a small crush on him and yes I admire Jay-Z hustle so I guess I got some soul searching to do. Lol

  14. Breonna Harris says:

    Last Night I Dreamed That I Was About To Get Raped And Angela Bassett Stopped It From Happening … What Does That Mean

  15. Aidan says:

    I dreamt that holly willouhby and Susanna’kate garraway and Charlotte Hawkins are my nannies and I am there little baby getting my dirty nappy changed and spamked over there knee and diapered in diaper position. What dose that mean.

  16. Aidan says:

    I dreamt that holly willouhby and Susanna’kate garraway and Charlotte Hawkins are my nannies and I am there little baby getting my dirty nappy changed and spamked over there knee and diapered in diaper position. What dose that mean.

  17. Isaac kendra says:

    I dreamt of jaden smith last and we were both in a serious romantic relationship….we even kissed😢..I wish I never woke up from that dream 😷maybe it’s because I love him soooo much 😍

  18. Brenda says:

    Michael Keaton Romantically pursuing me. Every time I turned around there he was,bringing me items making conversation smiling yet nervous. offered me jobs as if to keep me close or to stay close to me.last moments we were comfortably laying on couch watching a game or a movie I’m not sure wich.

  19. Brittany says:

    Last night I dreamt of Ashley Greene
    I don’t remember all what took place but I do remember seeing her and that she was telling me something. I am guessing that I dreamt of her because I like her but I still want to know what this means. Can you please help?

  20. Katie says:

    My most recent dream, Mikey Manfs (YouTuber that I watch) was my father and we were walking around. We heard a girl telling off a guy for doing something. Mikey and I walked up to them and I guess we were agreeing with the girl. Mikey started walking and I said “f**k you” to the guy and started walking with Mikey. The guy then started following us and threw a punch, which Mikey stopped, but it hurt him. Mikey kept blocking the punches, which got him more hurt. I remember saying “mother**cker”. The guy eventually walked away and Mikey was holding his arm, in pain. He said something on the lines of “Really?” I then walked up, hugged him and said “Sorry dad.” What does it mean?

  21. Amber says:

    Ok I usually don’t have dreams about famous people; actually I never do except for the last few. I keep having dreams with Rihanna in one I was at a concert and lost and Rihanna comes up to me like she knows me smiles and gave me a ticket or key to get to where I needed to go..something weird happened with her shoes she pointed at them I looked and they were magic like dorothy in wizard of oz…then in the last dream I was depressed and trying to go somwhere and she gave me some money??? What??? she’s not even someone I listen to on a regular basis though or in the genre of music I listen to most all days…so it’s not a creepy fan dream, I’m trying to figure out the meaning… I think she has a very nice voice and some songs I love and seems nice however. I wonder what it means but I really doubt anyone can interpret this for me haha.

  22. Amber says:

    Oh and then I guess I keep getting the message in those dreams I need to go to her concert for some good energy but that might actually be crazy cause I don’t really listen to her music. XD

  23. Carol says:

    Last night I dreamed of Leo Dicaprio and I was posing as His wife. Well He was in bad situations and I stood by His side. He never talked to me but I got to touch Him in my dream. I think Leo’s a very sexy, good looking man.

  24. Kendra says:

    I always dream about a Nigerian artist called Davido, but of recent is getting out of hand, and funniest part is that I don’t think of him and I don’t like him that much that I should even dream about him

  25. Revathy says:

    I dreamt my favourite actress having romatic relationship with her. But she was always busy and dint give time to me. She dint tell me where she went whike i waited for her for long. I was angry and hurt by her careless attitude for me. In the end she said i need not follow her and left me. She seemed emotionless and devoid of any feelings for me. But she dint resist or refuse being intimate with me. What does this supposed to mean? What does a celebrity leaving me means?

  26. Amaan says:

    I was dreaming of seeing mike Tyson the only thing I remember he was talking to me and was giving me like some sort of motivation but I don’t remember what he said

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