My favorite type of dream to get is the star studded celebrity dream. I swear a celebrity makes a cameo in my dreams practically every night. The celebrity dream is also my favorite type of dream to interpret because, for the dreamer, the various celebrities that have made an appearance seem completely random. But as I always say, NOTHING IN A DREAM IS RANDOM. It’s fun to help the dreamer connect the dots between the celebrity and their own life. There is ALWAYS a connection and when it is found… so is the message.

Here’s an example of a celebrity dream I helped a friend on Facebook with just yesterday:

Parker: Why does John Lithgow keep turning up in my dreams? There could not be a celebrity I am more indifferent towards. No matter where I am, or what I’m doing, Lithgow shows up. In the dreams, he never plays a pivotal role. For example, I’ll be at a baseball game with some friends and one of them will say “Hey don’t you know that guy?” and point to John Lithgow a couple rows down. I’ll say “Yeah, Hey Lithgow! What are you doin’?” And he’ll say, “Oh just watchin’ the game” and I’ll say “OK. Talk to ya later then” And the dream resumes as normal.

Me: All right young man. Here is  the 1 question you must always ask yourself in order to figure out what the celebrity in your dream really means… What movie or character or song first comes to mind when you think of this celebrity?

Parker: Strangely enough, the first Lithgow moment that always seems to come to mind is his cameo on 30 Rock, were he gets lost in the building and can’t find his way out. He’s playing himself.

Me: Well as you probably know, he symbolizes a part of you. Perhaps a part of you that is lost, indecisive, not sure which direction to take next. Is there any area of your life where you feel this way? He was trying to get out of the building in that episode, right? Is there a situation or obligation in your life you don’t know how to get out of, something that is causing you to feel stuck?

Parker: Well, I did just tell a bunch of cub scouts who were touring the station yesterday that the biggest mistake they could ever make would be pursuing a career in radio…. so I guess my job qualifies as a situation I need to get out of.

Me:  That makes sense! Plus, in addition to his appearance on 30 Rock he starred in 3rd rock from the sun. So that’s 2 references to rock that he is connected to. And your station is a rock station!

Parker:  One day when I’m a windsurfing instructor in Tahiti I’ll look back and thank Lauri Quinn Loewenberg and dream Lithgow for encouraging me to make positive life changing decisions.

Remember when I said “nothing in a dream is random?” Yep.

* Want another example of how to figure out the celebrity in your dream? Here’s one using Lenny Kravitz.

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7 thoughts on “Celebrity cameos in dreams, John Lithgow edition

  1. Tamisha Fuller says:

    What if you dream of a lady you dont know bite your right hand finger and a lot of bugs was on my back

  2. Chinedu John says:

    I done seems to be remembering my dreams anymore.why?

  3. My husband past away a year and a half ago at the young age of 55. I LOVE it when he comes to me in my dreams. I don't ever want to loose that peace of mind..

  4. Another great read!

    I had just this morning (when my dreams usually occur at their most vivid) I was in a mafia society and we going after…GILBERT GOTTFRIED!!!! We were going to kill him and from our code of ethics, you could ONLY kill retired celebrities, but you couldn't do anything to their family, no killing child celebrities and you had to kill them humanely. However, I kept remembering his role in "Aladdin" and i kept entering his body (think Avatar….) and I couldn't bring myself to do it. Then…when I found he was in another mafia group (one that stemmed from ours) that was extremely corrupt, all was fair game. His group was not one like ours, instead they would rape and torture their victims until they begged to be killed, but they would be tied up, knocked out and left for dead, but NEVER killed.

    Now I was in a bind. I didn't want to betray my own people, then again I couldn't let all of us get treated like that. i eventually joined with the other group, but since their leader was dying the next newest member according to their rules became the new leader. So instead, i turned this horrid "rape and plunder" mafia into a "tickle torture and annoy" type instead, and we would run around with Furbys and feathers at our sides and annoy people with them, and if we caught anyone, we'd surround !them with Furbys and tickle them until they cried. Then…we'd let them go.

    I really should start making movies or comedies about these dreams! They're too good to be lost in thought.

  5. Roxetta Cullen says:

    I have a lot of celebrities in my dreams all at once and I could name them all. of course they all smell fruity and like favorite beverages and candies of mine. I still don't know what it means, but I know it means something, regardless of what my stupid brother says.

  6. Amy Obviously says:

    I have loads of Lithgow dreams! But he’s usually more of a romantic lead, whether he’s attempting to save me from an explosion (failed- we both died, nice going old man) or a zombie apocalypse (succeeded- we made out), pushing Dudley Moore into a fireplace or dressing up like a Nazi to sneak us out of a German occupation situation. Also once he stabbed me and I really enjoyed that. Lithgow is always there, ready to be charming and surprised at my schemes. Oh and once I dreamt I was watching a film where he was the romantic lead in a young Alec Baldwin vehicle, they were cute together!

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