My mom called me yesterday with a dream she had the night before.  She was concerned because my husband was very angry at her in the dream. Little did she know that this dream was actually trying to help her sell her house!  Read on to find out how…

My mother: In my dream Lauri, you had some sort of school project you were supposed to do but you asked me to do it for you.  Well the time came when it was due but I had never really gotten around to it.  You looked at what I had done through a microscope and saw that it was a comic strip instead of your project.  Your husband became very angry with me for letting you down.  I woke up so upset at myself!

Me:  Allright Mother, as I’m sure you know, Mike is not really mad at you.  Whenever someone is mad at you in a dream, it means you are actually mad at yourself in real life.  What are you upset with yourself about? You had the dream last night so it’s about something from yesterday.

My mother: Well, we had someone who we thought was going to buy the house.  He had come to look at it twice. But yesterday we found out he decided against it because he felt there was too much work to be done to it.  I was mad at myself for not doing some of the things that need to be done.

Me:  Ah!  That’s what the project in your dream is… your house!  Your dreaming mind is probably using me because – you know me – I’m always doing “shows,” radio and TV shows “displaying” myself and what I do.  And in school I was always doing plays.  I’m a big ham, I’m always on show!  …just like your house is right now.  And when people come to look at it, they are looking at it through a microscope, just like my project in the dream.  People are looking at the closet space, the kitchen counters, everything!

My mother:  That certainly makes sense. But why was your husband mad at me?

Me:  You know how he is.  He’s very nit-picky, everything has to be just so.  He’s the part of you that ought to be nit-picky about how your house shows.  This part of you is upset with yourself.  And I think that is why, when you looked through the microscope, you saw a cartoon strip.  You have to take this more seriously.  It’s not a joke. 

My mother: That’s true.  This house has been on the market way too long.  I need to get those things taken care of.  Thank you honey.

Our dreams don’t allow us to be complacent.  Just like my mom’s dream, they will let us know when we aren’t doing something right.  They allow us to see our current situation from a different perspective, a perspective we aren’t seeing when awake.  When we are able to see the full picture, we are then able to make better decisions.  And better decisions mean a better life.

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