You know, in my MANY years of working with dreams, it still amazes me what sort of random and bizarre things we pull out of and and insert into our bodies while dreaming. I’ll never forget a dream I had when I was about 13 where I pulled a 12 foot long green bean out of my belly button! Lisa Marie Presley once dreamed of trying to swallow a ski pole!! While the examples are endless, the point is that no matter the object and no matter the body part… there is ALWAYS a reason for what your dream self chooses to swallow, insert, remove or vomit up…

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed that I stuck a good 3 to 4 inches of thin brass wire into my throat (from the outside of my neck into my larynx) for safe keeping.  I eventually remembered that I’d put it there and worried that it might slip below the skin and that I wouldn’t retrieve it.  I grabbed some tweezers and was able to pull it out cleanly.  It seemed like a very normal thing to be doing in the dream.  There was really no anxiety associated with it at all.   – Audrey 32, Roy, UT

Lauri: This dream brings attention to the throat. To the dreaming mind, the throat represents your voice, your ability to speak up about something or your ability to voice your opinion.  I think the thin brass wire you inserted into your throat represents what needs to be said. You’ve got it in there for safe keeping because – perhaps – you feel keeping silent about a certain issue feels safer to you than speaking up and possibly causing problems. But notice how you realize, in the dream, that it really would be best to get the wire out. That is the way your dreaming mind is showing you that not using your voice and speaking up, in the long run, will create a far worse circumstance for you than playing it safe and keeping quiet. Your dream is also showing you that speaking up about this issue will be far easier than you think. So spit it out already, sister!

Audrey replies: You’re exactly right! I wasn’t standing up for myself and my opinions.  I’m the type to sit back and observe, but my subconscious knew I needed to do otherwise.  I had to tell someone to leave my life (again!) and I had to ask someone else to return something valuable. I don’t like to make waves, so these thoughts were really bothering me.  Thanks for helping me work through this! Now I have peace of mind and I have my refrigerator back!

Notice how Audrey says, “these thoughts were really bothering me” regarding her thoughts of knowing she needed to speak up about getting her fridge back. That’s EXACTLY what plants the seed for what we dream about at night: whatever is on our mind the most during the day, the dreaming mind takes on and tries to work it out for us at night. And it usually does work it out and presents us with a solution, just as Audrey’s dream did for her.

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