Do you ever “dream of food?”  Boy, I sure do! Just about every other night I have some form of pastry, or candy in my dreams! Sure, food in dreams can be commenting on your waking life diet and showing what you need to add or remove, but more often, food in dreams is connected to what you desire, what you “hunger” for in waking life, such as a promotion, a new relationship, or in this dreamer’s case, a little less chaos in her life.  This is from my nationally syndicated column, The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
I had a dream my boss was forcing me to make a pumpkin pie from scratch.  She kept telling me it’s her secret family recipe.  She even handed me a pumpkin I had to use. She was being mean in my dream and normally she’s a very nice person.
– Candice 30, Salt Lake City, UT

Lauri: The family recipe that is continually mentioned in your dream may refer to your own family and the recipe for success in family life.  And I think that’s why your dreaming mind is using pumpkin pie specifically, because pumpkin pie is mostly associated with the big family holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So this dream is most definitely trying to help you with a family issue.

Since your boss is not acting like herself, then she is not playing herself but rather standing in for your own role as boss in the family, as well as your ability to manage the family, the finances, etc.  Are you the one wearing the pants, making the decisions, and so on?  It seems that right now you may be feeling you have too much on your plate or too tall of an order from your family to deal with.

Speaking of pies, as Astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “In order to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”   In other words, rather than focusing on the perfect final outcome, work on getting all the little things right that come before it.

Candice replies: You are so right on! I am a single mom doing everything.  I get no help at all from my daughter’s father or from the state. I have been stressed out that I’m not ever going to get help and the day before I had the dream, I was home from work with a sick kid. Thanks.

Your dreams are working hard for you too, helping and guiding you with every single area of your life. If you would just listen to them, you’d be surprised how much practical advice they are offering.

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– Shannon Harris