Have you listened to my show on Blogtalk Radio yet? It’s pretty darn good! Each week my co-host Frankie and I cover an interesting topic, like Weird Parasomnias, and we also have listeners call in with their freaky dreams and I decode them. Those of you that have heard me on your local radio station know that when I decode a dream, I also reveal a very interesting issue the dreamer is dealing with. You never know what you’re gonna get!!

Last week we talked about The 5 most common dreams we get after the death of a loved one. And we got some really good calls; many of which gave me goosebumps! All the calls were so good, even the ones that were off topic. I actually want to share with you one of the off topic calls because it is such a good example of how even the smallest snippet of a seemingly unimportant dream can have a crazy, powerful message for you! Plus, the real life issue revealed in this dream is fascinating…

See? Like I always say, dreams don’t just mean something, they also give you something to take with you: advice, a better understanding of your current situation, ideas, inspiration, even warnings. Sarah’s butter dream is giving her encouragement to fight the good fight. I wish her well.

UPDATE: Sarah contacted me on my facebook page and posted the following: “You have no idea how very special this is to me! I have it written down, as with the meaning. Just an update- I feel stronger than ever about the “stand your ground” so I am, and will continue to do so! Thank you again, for taking the time to listen my dream and help me hear what I desperately needed to hear. Love and Respect”- Sarah B

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