Have you had a dog frolic into your dreamscape recently? I’ll bet you have! Dogs are the most dreamt of animal, according to my research, because of the characteristics they possess and because those characteristics are a basic, fundamental human need.  I am talking about loyalty and friendship.  Dogs are known to be loyal to their masters and are also known as man’s best friend.  It is their instinct to befriend humans as the relationship between man and dog throughout history has proven to be beneficial to both. 

Because of this, dogs in dreams have come to represent our own instinctive loyalty towards someone as well as someone’s loyalty towards us.  When you get a dog dream it is always best to look at your relationships first as well as the behavior you and the other person are exhibiting within the relationship.  Do that and, odds are, you’ll find that the condition and behavior of the dog(s) in the dream are eerily similar to the condition and behavior of the people in the relationship.

This audio clip is a glowing example of this! This is from yesterday morning when I was a guest on The Morning Rush on KISS FM in Toledo, OH. Listen to this fascinating clip and find out how listener Melissa’s scary dog dream was telling her exactly what to do in regards to a relationship she was uncertain about…

Our relationships encompass a huge area of our lives. One of the keys to having a better life is to have better relationships. And if you pay attention to, and learn to understand your dreams, you’ll be able to get those really powerful messages your dreams are trying to give you about your relationship… messages that will help you avoid the bad ones and improve the good ones!

dream-on-it-smMy latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life has a whole chapter on animals in dreams and shows you how each different animal in your dream is connected to your various behaviors and instincts. You’ll also learn how house dreams are about your self image, weather dreams are about your emotions, vehicle and travel dreams are about your goals, and waaaaay more! Dream On It makes it so easy to understand your dreams that is has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox Business, Bethenny, The Steve Harvey Show and more. Get your copy now and NEVER wonder what your dreams mean again!!

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