When we listen to and know how to understand our dreams, we can make much better decisions regarding ALL areas of our lives: finances, career, and especially our relationships because our dreams tell us like it REALLY is.

Patty, for example, was getting back into a relationship that had gone wrong before. Little did she know, the dragon in her dream was telling her, “Don’t do it!” The following is from my nationally syndicated column The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri: Last night I dreamed my foot was in a desk drawer, one of those old metal gray desks, and there was an iguana in there sucking on my big toe! Though in my dream it was a dragon and I knew if I moved it would poison me and kill me. – Patty 39, Canby, OR

Lauri: The old desk may mean this is about an issue that is somewhat old but that you need to work on, just as we work on our desks… and in which you need to “put your foot down!” But instead it may be that you are allowing the issue or the person to suck off of you, your time or your energy. The iguana/dragon, I believe, represents that this is about someone that you may describe as cold-blooded (or perhaps your fear that you will come across as cold-blooded if you put your foot down). The fact that you felt this reptile was a dragon means you also feel that this issue has begun to “drag on” and on. If you can find a pun or a play on words in a dream, you have found a good deal of the message. Your fear of moving in the dream implies that you are afraid to make a move about this issue in real life for fear of backlash, perhaps. So just remember, no movement means nothing changes.

Patty replies: Oh my God! My ex just came back into the picture. And I AM afraid to put my foot down. I’m afraid I won’t be able to pull out if I decided that’s what’s best. We have only talked about the surface problems of why we broke up. Nothing “real” has been really talked about yet. Holy cow that fits to a tee. Thanks!

Update: So I had a conversation with my ex. After what you said and dreaming last night about big huge worms crawling out of fruit I had just taken a bite out of, I figured I couldn’t let it drag on anymore. Thanks again!

Lauri: Now it makes even more sense as to why the dragon was sucking on your toe. We use our toe to test the temperature of the water in a pool or lake, etc. You were obviously “testing the waters” of this relationship. Good thing your dreams came in and warned you before you got in “too deep!”

Your dreams will never steer you wrong. They are the part of you that truly knows what is best FOR YOU. You just need to be able to understand the language they speak so you can get those warnings, and answers that you need every day! Just think of all the mistakes you could have avoided up to this point in your life if you had been able understand your dreams’ warnings.

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