I’ve heard a loooooooot of crazy dreams in my career and, admittedly, I’ve become fairly immune to the shocking content of most dreams. However, I cannot say the same thing for the real life stories behind the dreams. The issues that cause the dreams are what sometimes cause my jaw to drop. Listen to this dream below, and in particular, the dreamer’s real life situation. If your jaw doesn’t drop then you may want to check and see if you have a pulse! Also, you may notice a couple moments of what seem like dead air. That’s where my jaw dropped! I’m pretty sure my co-host Frankie’s jaw had hit the floor too. It takes a while to pick ’em back up and set them back into place!

This is from last week on my blogtalk show The Dream Zone

Poor Cheryl. As much as I really, truly feel for her, she is the one allowing herself to be in that situation, and her dream is clearly showing her that she can’t survive much more of it, just as her body wouldn’t be able to survive many more bullet holes. Like I say in my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life, “Our dreams will be brutally honest with us when our waking mind refuses to be.” That’s what scary dreams are all about, they are often the inner dreaming mind’s way of trying to scare us into reality. Hopefully this dream did its job. Oy Cheryl. What am I going to do with you??

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