Dreaming of a funeral can be very disturbing. We naturally think it is an omen of something to come, but it is not. Remember, dreams speak in a symbolic language. To the dreaming mind, a funeral is not about an actual death but rather a symbolic one, an ending that has or needs to take place.

Last week I was on the air with Gravy in the morning on 105.3 in Grand Rapids, MI when his co-host Rachel told me a very upsetting dream she had about having to speak at a funeral. For me, speaking at the funeral would be more difficult than the funeral itself. Gah!! I had to do that for my grandmother’s funeral last year.  You can read about that here. Anyhoo, enough about me. Aside from the funeral aspect of the dream, there are many other interesting elements to Rachel’s dream that give us a lot of insight about what has been upsetting her so much lately. Have a listen below. You’ll be amazed about how much information is hidden in this dream…

There were a couple other other pieces in this dream I didn’t get to touch on while on the air. One was the fact that the funeral setting of the dream was also letting her know it was time to put this issue with her friend “to rest.” And the fact that the dream switched to a third party perspective where Rachel was watching the funeral on TV rather than participating in it means that her dreaming mind was urging her to step out of the situation in order to gain a better perspective on it. As they say, “It’s harder to see the box when you’re in it.”  Wait… that may not be the best saying to use at the moment… considering what this dream is about… ahem.

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