Losing your purse, or even having it stolen is actually a very common dream.  For men, it is common to lose your wallet.  It can sometimes refer to money issues but the more common meaning might surprise you!  Read on to find out what it means…

Dear Lauri,
I had a dream last night that I was in a mall and set my purse down to look at something. A man came up to me and started making small talk. I got a bad vibe like he was distracting me. I looked down and my purse was gone! I ran toward the entrance of the store to find the person but there were too many people and I knew it would be impossible. It was at this point when I woke up. – Julie 41, Wausau, WI

Lauri: To your dreaming mind, your purse symbolizes your sense of self, your credibility and your self worth because that is where we keep our IDs, credit cards and money. In your dream your purse was stolen, which means someone else is getting the credit or recognition you deserve. The crowd of people in your dream suggests you feel you are not able to stand out in a crowd. Were you recently up for a promotion but didn’t get it? Or was there some other situation where you were hoping to get noticed but weren’t?

Julie Replies: I found your interpretation very interesting and I was surprised how on the mark it was. Recently I have felt that my role at work and at home has not been very important. I’ve always been one to love the limelight but lately I feel my accomplishments aren’t noticed or appreciated and that I am losing the confidence I usually have. There are so many talented people around me and I feel it’s hard to measure up, let alone stand out.

Celebrity Dream:
Mariah Carey has – for most of her life – had recurring dreams of losing her purse as well! She has reported that being inter-racial made her feel that she doesn’t fully belong to either race. And being made fun of as a child certainly didn’t help that either. I wonder if all those mean kids are laughing at her now?

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