Whether it’s an ex boyfriend or girlfriend or an ex spouse, those pesky exes keep showing up in our dreams ad nauseam!


Well, sometimes it’s because we still want them back, sometimes it’s because we had no closure, sometimes it’s because we are still holding on to the pain (if the relationship was abusive) and sometimes it’s because we want that same excitement and passion back in our life again… not the ex but the excitement he or she represents.

But sometimes it’s for a completely different reason all together, which is the case below. Listen to the short audio to see what I mean. This is from when I was on KZHT in Salt Lake City with Frankie, DB and Jessica.This poor caller keeps dreaming he’s having sex with an ex he does not get along with…

The message of the ex dream:  Remember, sex in a dream is more about merging qualities of your dream lover into yourself or about uniting on some level for a common good. Depending on which ex you shagged in your dream, it is either time to merge the passion of long ago into the relationship of now or time to merge your efforts together for the sake of a common goal such as your children. If the ex is someone you are still pining for then it is best to de-merge and realize this person is an ex for a reason.

both booksAs disturbing as “Chris’s” dream was for him, once he was able to understand it he could see the very powerful advice it offered him. Your dreams are offering powerful advice to you too, advice that will greatly improve a current issue in your life. In fact, your dreams are your very own secret weapon for a more fulfilling life. From your relationships to issues from your past that need to heal, your dreams are an endless source of “how to” for every area of your life. Grab one of my books and start understanding your dreams like never before. They make a great gift too!

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