Ever dream of finding change?  I have.  It’s actually a fairly common dream. Read on to find out how this particular dream helped one woman start her own business. The following is from my nationally syndicated newspaper column The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
I keep dreaming that I am finding change everywhere on the floor. And it’s not a little bit but a lot of change! In my dreams this is how I make money to live. Why am I always picking up change and not bills? – Sara 31, Charlotte, NC

Lauri: These dreams are trying to tell you that you need to “make a change” somewhere in your life! If you can find the pun or metaphor in your dream, then you have found the message! What sort of change do you think it is that you need to make? Most likely the change that needs to be made lies within your job or however you make income since this is how you made income in your dream. Ask yourself how long you’ve been having this dream. Whenever this dream started is when the change needed to be made. Once you make the necessary changes in your life, the dream will stop because it has served its purpose and has no reason to come back.

Sara replies: It makes sense! I have been wanting to get things together and open my own boutique for a long time.  I’ve worked in various boutiques for years and always felt I could run my own.  Now that I understand this dream, I see that it is saying that I am ready for the change and to go ahead.  I am now going to learn what I need to do to start my shop up now instead of being scared not too. Thank you!

This is how dreams work.  Every single night they are speaking to us, advising us, warning us, encouraging us… if we would only listen. Sara listened, and now she has an exciting new business. If you start listening to your dreams, you’ll be shocked at how much information they are offering you. What about you? Are you ready to listen to your dreams and start changing your life? My Dream Books will help you easily understand the messages your dreams are giving you so you can get an edge in life.

“Since I’ve been reading your books, my friends are always asking me to help them interpret their dreams! You are the best!” – Jessica Martinez, Aurora, CO