Our cars are a popular and powerful dream symbol and often reflect how our current journey down the road of life is going.  But what does it mean if we dream our car is stole?  Jesse, a 35 year old gal from Salt Lake City has been plagued with dreams that her car is stolen and is pretty darn tired of it!  Read on to find out the extremely important message this dream is giving her…

I constantly dream of the same thing and it can last all night. I am usually at a new place, apartment when my car is stolen. It is always my Dodge Durango that is stolen by someone and I try all night long to get it back. Sometimes I know the person that took it and I go get it back and then I wake up in the morning and it is gone again. I can never keep it in my possession. The impact of the car being gone is that I will try to steal other cars, sometimes being successful, other times not, but I steal the cars to try to get back home. It really stresses me out BAD! Can u help?  – Jesse

Lauri: Our cars, to our dreaming mind, mean much more than just being our car. To the dreaming mind our car is our ability to get where we want to go in life as well as our “drive” and motivation to reach certain goals.

Your car is constantly stolen in your dreams, which is a good indication that you may constantly feel directionless or that you feel you were robbed of an opportunity to reach a goal you had for yourself. It is also possible that this recurring dream is commenting on a recurring behavior pattern of losing interest. Do you tend to start something but not finish because of a lack of drive?

Very interesting that you also become a thief in your dreams! Do you tend to take shortcuts or try to find the easy way in waking life? I think you may not have found your path yet, you’ve not yet found that certain goal that keeps you motivated and wanting to work hard at it every day. You’re not alone. Many of us are wandering through life aimlessly, just going through the motions and not feeling fulfilled or excited about much.

Your dreams want you to find a new path, which is why they keep taking your car away from you in your dream, because the path you are on now isn’t going to get you “home,” it isn’t going to take you to a place in your life where you feel completeness and fulfillment. Ask yourself what you enjoy doing the most. See if you can incorporate that into your life in a productive manner that helps you grow and progress a little each day. Having trouble coming up worth it? Ask your dreams tonight to show you. That’s what they are there for. When you finally find the road you’re meant to travel, Or take the necessary action to get on the road you know you want, these dreams will stop!

Jesse replies: I have been trying to complete law school now for 3 years. I have not been able to finish because i had a baby, we can’t afford it and it’s out of state so i can’t go back to california to finish. I am struggling with how to make graduation happen and I can’t seem to find a way to make it happen. Since becoming a mother, I am second guessing what I should be doing for a career.

I am wondering if I am encountering all these obstacles because I shouldn’t be going to law school or be a lawyer. What I like doing most is working for animals’ rights’ and learning/speaking foreign languages. the only way i can see to incorporate those two loves is being an international lawyer with animal rights as a side specialty. This interpretation makes total sense! I knew I could count on you to help. You are truly amazing!

Our dreams will be persistent like Jesse’s recurring car dream when something in our life is not progressing.  Our dreams try to step in and point us in the right direction, but if we don’t pay attention to them, they will continue to come back, again and again, until you finally listen and take their advice.

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