pregnant_stomachThe pregnancy, labor and birth process is truly a magical thing. In the real world, when the body is pregnant, it is working hard to  develop, build and create a new life that is precious and full of possibilities.  In the dream world, when the body is pregnant, it reflects your ability to develop, work hard and create a new life…  for yourself that is precious and full of possibilities!

The pregnancy, labor and birth process are very common in dreams, even if you aren’t pregnant or trying to get pregnant, because a good deal of life is spent laboring on new things: a degree, a new job, a cool project, inventions, even a new way of behaving. Below is an example of a pregnancy and birth dream and how this type of dream not only reflects but also encourages the creative process and a good work (labor) ethic…

I dreamed last night I was in labor and found out I was almost ready to give birth to a seahorse! My dear friend was sitting in a glass room there for support and a woman was saying it was time to deliver then I woke up.   – Kimberly 43, Myrtle Beach, SC

Lauri:  This is an adorable dream! It seems to suggest that you are on the verge of bringing something new into your life… something that, like a baby, needs lots of your focus and care. The seahorse is a clue as to what it is. Seahorses live in the water so that tells us this could be an emotional or creative project as water tends to symbolize our emotions as well as our creative flow. Horses are typically about getting back in the saddle after life knocks you down. Any creative endeavor about to happen that has allowed you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off? I think it is especially interesting that at the end of the dream you are told it’s time to deliver. Whatever you are told in a dream is super important because it is really what YOU are telling yourself. “Time to deliver, girl!” Time to put up or shut up, as they say. Bring forth what you have been developing and deliver it to the world.

Kimberly replies: I have had many projects lately that are on the brink of happening. Plus I have been really working on myself altogether from Yoga to meditation. My mind has been so much clearer ever since I started going to yoga class and my whole life is starting to be showing the rewards.  I just had an offer to do a line of clothing. So much is happening and I am loving how creative I am feeling.

Like Kimberly, we can sometimes give birth to creatures in dreams… even strange items! Whatever it is you birth in a dream will be symbolic as to what new thing is happening in your life.

The message of pregnancy and birth dreams: There is a new development in your life or a wonderful idea has been conceived and you are now in the process of bringing it to life.  How far along you are in the dream is connected to how far along you are with this growing and developing issue.  If you have given birth your hard work has paid off but that does not mean you are done.  It is only the ending of one chapter so a new one can begin.

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