This blog post is dedicated to all those brave warriors who are out there fighting for our freedom day and night. While we all have our own difficult personal battles, the battles you fight… well, God bless you and thank you!!

The following is an excerpt from my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life

Remember that Pat Benatar song from the eighties, “Love is a Battlefield?” It’s all about the power struggle and tug of war of emotions within a relationship. Basically, whether it is two countries or two people, all wars are a struggle for power. When there is a power struggle somewhere in your life, your dreams are likely to take place in a war zone in order to drive home the message that the situation has reached a volatile level.

Many of my dreams are in the past, like in the Civil War or World War II. I can see the gunfire and death and I am always running and running. I don’t know why I run or who or what is chasing me. I always wake up exhausted from the running. – Mary Ann 44

Lauri: Dreaming of the past doesn’t necessarily mean you are seeing a past life, but rather your dream is commenting on something from YOUR past. The settings of your dreams are always a war, which means there is a battle from your past that you are still fighting to this day. It is something you are continually “running from” or avoiding dealing with in waking life… and that is why you keep dreaming the same thing over and over again. Your dreams cannot move forward until you move forward. Clearly there is something from your past you are avoiding rather than confronting and working through. When you get help with this, when you finally face it and stop running, your dreams will stop.

Mary Ann replies: I think this goes back to my first health issues. I have had twenty surgeries, ten on my lower back, seven for an artificial hip and the rest for different things. I believe my war dreams started when I had one of my many hip surgeries; I freaked out and literally ran out of the hospital. Whenever I need another surgery I freak and want to run. I had back surgery in January but called and cancelled the surgery. That same day I got a calming phone call from my surgeon and we re-booked the surgery. I am tired of running. I will now face my health issues straight on.

Mary Ann’s health is a war zone. She’s not only battling physical ailments but she is battling herself over getting the proper care she needs. She is having a power struggle between what she knows is the right thing to do and not wanting to do it. But now that she finally understands her dreams, she can see that she has waged a war on herself! That is surely no way to go through life.

The message of battlefield dreams: There is a war going on in some area of your life. What or whom are you in conflict with? Is it an inner battle, such as battling an addiction? Or is there a war of words you are in with someone else? Where is the power struggle? It is time to decide if you should go into soldier mode and fight the good fight or raise the white flag and sign the peace treaty. While there may never be world peace, t’is a good thing to have inner peace.

Your dreams are trying to help you with every area of your life. When you can understand your dreams you will find that they are helping you to move on from the past, they are giving you warnings about issues you need to be more aware of, they are giving you advice that will improve your relationships and are even giving you great ideas and inspiration for your projects and artistic endeavors.  Your dreams are far more powerful than you may realize… in fact, they are the most powerful part of you!

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