Do you ever find yourself dreaming about your ex? I mean, the ex that really ticked you off, the one that done you wrong and that you can’t seem to forgive. Well if you do, and especially if you do it frequently… this is the blog post for you!

If you’re wondering why that dirty rat bastard keeps showing up in your dreams, you’re not alone. A looooooot of frustrated people dream of the dirty ex, even though they thought they had moved on. Samantha is one of those people. She is a listener that called in last week when I was on WIFC with Dave and Stacy in Wausau, WI. Her ex dream really had her scratching her head. Let me tell you, when I was done with her, it finally made complete sense:

Like Samantha’s dream, your ex dreams are trying to help you let go of your bitterness and resentment too. However, her current boyfriend continuing to talk to this person Samantha is not happy with is not helping! Her dreams, I believe, are also warning her that her current boyfriend’s behavior is  beginning to become eerily similar to her ex’s. This dream is a wake up call to clear the air with her current boyfriend regarding this person he is talking to so that she no longer has to live under the dark cloud of her dirty ex!

If you’re dreaming about your dirty, rotten ex, ask yourself if you are still holding on to anger and resentment from it. You don’t want to bring that into your current relationship because it would not be fair to either of you. Also ask yourself if there is any other situation you are currently dealing with that is bringing to the surface those same old feelings of resentment and distrust that your ex first created in you. If so, it may be time to get out of that situation.

Your dreams are trying to help you with every area of your life. When you can understand your dreams you will find that they are helping you to move on from the past, they are giving you warnings about issues you need to be more aware of, they are giving you advice that will improve your relationships and are even giving you great ideas and inspiration for your projects and artistic endeavors.  Your dreams are far more powerful than you may realize… in fact, they are the most powerful part of you!

I am more than happy to personally help you understand your dreams.

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