Let’s be honest, we’ve all had dreams about our “down there” areas or the “down there” areas of others. These dreams can really make you blush… and freak out a bit, depending on the context. Lord knows Freud had a hay day when it came to those type of dreams. In fact, even when a dream had nothing at all to do with “down there” Freud seemed to find a way to make it about that!

Let me assure you that when you do dream about genitalia, whether it be your own or of someone else, there is no need to worry that you are a perverted sick freak. Genitalia dreams aren’t about the actual male or female body part but rather the PART of you that exhibits male or female energy.

Here is an excerpt from my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life that beautifully illustrates the true meaning, and wisdom, in the genitalia dream…


I dreamed that a client of mine was undressing to change for yoga class, and I saw that she had an erect penis.  I told her I thought she was a woman.  She said she was both, really, and trying to decide which she wanted to be.  She then jumped into a swimming pool. I rarely dream of sexual issues and this was really weird!   Connie 45

Lauri:  Don’t let this dream cause you to feel awkward around your client.  It’s merely symbolic of something that is going on with her, or more likely, going on with you.  Her penis was erect in the dream, which is your ability to exhibit male energy and “stand up” for yourself in some way.  Yoga is about being flexible, yet the erect penis is about being firm and rigid. Are you having a “hard” time deciding which way to be, just as the client was having a hard time deciding which gender to be in the dream?  Jumping in the pool implies that, despite the indecision, you are ready to “dive right in” and handle your business.

Connie:  I think the dream is about me.  I am facing some challenges in my work lately, and I am trying to change a world paradigm – not a simple task. I can handle it in different ways; I am choosing a gentle, quiet approach rather than a bold, confrontational one, hence trying to decide which gender is better. I am not giving up or giving in so jumping in would be appropriate. Thanks for helping me to see it as more than just a weird sex dream.

Even though in Connie’s dream, the penis belonged to someone else, it still is representative of her own male energy, remember, everyone in your dream is usually a representation of some part of you.  Connie’s dream is a wonderful example of how we all have inner male and inner female “parts” to our personality.  In Connie’s situation, she is using a balance of both of these energies by gently (the female part) approaching those who can help make the changes she wants, all while remaining persistent (the male part).  And so we see this nice balance in the form of a hermaphrodite!


dream-on-it-smYou see? “Down there” dreams are nothing to worry yourself over and in fact, can be very empowering once you are able to understand them! Want to be able to understand your dreams every morning? It’s not only fun but can help you make better decisions, have better relationships and even help you let go of the past. my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life teaches you how the dreaming mind works, how to connect your dream to yourself and to your life, and how to find the message in even the craziest of dreams. It also includes my 10 MUST KNOW rules to remember when interpreting your dream and has a dream dictionary in the back for easy reference. You’ll wonder why you didn’t get this book sooner!

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