There’s nothing more annoying than a roach scurrying across the floor, or an army of ants invading the pantry, or a swarm of mosquitoes chomping on everyone at your Barbecue. That is why, when we get annoyed over situations or people that pester and infest our mental space, we say that something or someone is really “bugging” us. This is also when these little suckers will creep and crawl into our dreams.

This morning I was a guest on 95.5 WIFC in Wausau, WI with Dave and Stacy when a listener called in complaining about the spiders that had infested her dream. Listen to the audio below and find out what shocking situation caused this dream. I’ll tell you, it started quite the discussion!

It occurred to me after the call, that the sidewalk in the dream is connected to how Tiffany has been “side” stepping the issue. What do you think Tiffany should do? Do you agree with Stacy and Dave? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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