A lot of people will swear that I am psychic after I have analyzed a dream for them. But I’m not. That, I can swear on! It only seems like it because I know how to connect the dots in a dream to the dots in waking life. In a nutshell, that’s all it takes to analyze a dream… find the connection, follow the thread. There are some tricks to it, which I teach you in my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life and once you start applying these tricks to your dreams, you’ll start being able to figure out your dreams too… and seem like a psychic to your friends!

Below is an example of how connecting the dots from a dream to real life reveals the message like magic! This is a word for word communication between a friend and me via Facebook yesterday…

Friend:   Soooo, I had sex with an Indian man (India-indian) and it was GRAPHIC. HOLY COW.  Three days ago and again last night. I rarely have recurring dreams. I feel like I’m cheating on my husband because of how graphic this was. And, you don’t HAVE to answer…  I ‘m asking for free crap which is annoying

Me: Okay… what do you associate with India or Indian people? Have you been watching The Big Bang Theory?

Friend: I watch big bang every day. I can’t think of anything having to do with India other than ebola… and, that’s Africa.

Me: This is probably the connection, the BIG BANG (ahem) theory. .

Friend: ohhhhhh

Me: So, describe Raj to me. *Raj is the Indian guy on The Big Bang Theory

Friend: Geeky, insecure, lonely

Me: Are you feeling that way lately?

Friend: Actually, yeah. My best friend has been really distant lately…I started working for her at her vet clinic and we don’t “socialize” much anymore.

Me: Has it been especially strong the last three days or so?

Friend: Yes. We tentatively made a coffee date and she decided to spend the day with her mentally abusive boyfriend because he paid attention to her. I was mad as hell and feeling ditched.

Me: Did you speak up about it to her?

Friend: I was going to write her an email (because we never seem to talk anymore) but I decided not to. Damn….you are amazing.

Me: Raj never speaks either… to women because he is too insecure. You are being Raj.

Friend: OMG………  How freaking amazing is that????

Me: Speak up and the dream will stop.

Friend: How awesome. wow

As you can see, everything in your dream has a connection to yourself and what is going on in your life right now. My friend’s dream was associating Raj from the Big Bang Theory to her current behavior with her best friend. My friend didn’t recognize the Indian guy as being Raj because she didn’t recognize that she was being like him in real life. In addition, her dream was trying to show her that being silent like Raj is causing her to feel “screwed” over. Her dream kept happening because these feelings kept happening. All it takes to stop a recurring dream is to take care of the behavior or the issue that is causing it.

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