Every week I get to interpret a naughty, sex or relationship dream for my friends over at Em & Lo: Sex, Love and Everything In Between. This week’s dream was a “firm” (ahem) example of how your dreams never mean what you think.  So if your dreams are making you feel like a sick freak, take heart and read on…

I had a dream where I was at a beautiful beach and was enjoying the scenic sunset.  Suddenly, I got shocked by seeing a naked guy go for a swim in the sea.  He had an amazingly big penis.  I smiled and ogled at him for a little while.  Then, I got up to go for a walk along the waterline.  Many people were enjoying the evening.  I found many guys sitting naked or semi-naked.  They were all in various activities, some reading, some sprawled out.  But all of them had big penises.  I remember thinking, “Hey, in this part of city, all the guys have big penises!”   – Sangita

Lauri:   I have this suspicion that many of my readers would like to know in what city your dream took place! Anyhoo, as delightfully phallic as your dream is, it is really all about you. The beach setting and the nakedness are all about freedom and getting things out in the open. In real life have you recently gotten something off your chest or opened up about something? Penises in dreams tend to be connected to one’s assertiveness and ability to “stand firm” about certain issues. And usually the bigger something is in a dream the bigger a deal it is in real life. So what I am getting from this dream is that you may have recently “grown a pair” so to speak and “stood up” for yourself in some way… in a BIG way. And in doing so, it brought about a certain sense of freedom, which is great! Because when we hold things in or don’t stand up for ourselves, we become imprisoned by fear and worry. Life’s too short for that nonsense. Live life in a big way while you’re here. And your dream suggests you are doing just that!

Sangita replies: Your interpretation is bang on. I am going through a tough phase of life, which is making me make a lot of tough decisions.  I am a very emotional person, and generally avoid taking such tough stances but I did make the decision to put an end to a toxic relationship and friendships.  My boyfriend and friends, were taking me and my friendship for granted.  I decided that I was better off alone than being in the company of people who were making me feel less than what I was and were not appreciating me.  I decided to begin anew and invest my emotions more carefully than what I had done in the past.

dream-on-it-smLike Sangita, your dreams are giving you great advice and encouragement too… no matter how bizarre or naughty they may be! So never dismiss your dreams as “just a dream,” and especially don’t let your dreams make you think something is wrong with you. Your dreams are powerful and so very helpful when you can understand them. My latest book Dream On It will help you make sense out of even your filthiest dreams! You’ll be so glad to see it lying there on your nightstand the next time you wake up from a crazy or disturbing dream.

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