Now that I’ve decided to get back to focusing on my art, namely recreating my dreams, my dreaming mind has decided to keep my momentum going.  Last night I dreamed I had an enormous fish living in our pool. It was so big that it practically took up the entirety of the pool.  And when it jumped into the air, it made a helluva splash when it landed back in the water!

Usually, water in dreams is all about your emotions. The state of the water in your dream will mimic your emotional state in waking life.  For example, if you’re dreaming of flooding water then you are likely in an emotional state that is getting increasingly worse in waking life.  If you dream of a pool then that is a good indication that you have contained and are now in control of your emotional state, just as a pool is contained and controlled water (with the ph and chlorine levels, etc.)  HOWEVER, sometimes the water in your dream can be more about your creative “juices” rather than your emotions… and I believe that is the case with me.

You see, fish are one of the more common symbols I dream about.  For many years I have dreamed about forgetting to feed fish that I had in an aquarium.  I would dream this pretty much on a weekly basis. I attributed it to creative ideas I had been neglecting as far as my website or promotion ideas I needed to feed in order to get more radio appearances.  While that could have been the case, on some level, I am now certain that the dying, starving fish in my dreams all these years were really gentle nudges from my wiser inner mind that my art was dying a slow painful death, languishing in my no longer fertile creative juices… sigh.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have started delving into my art again thanks to a dream I had that made it abundantly clear that it was my art talent, not web or promotional ideas that was dying.  So now that I am “diving” into my creative pool again, my dreaming mind is giving me even more guidance in the form of the giant fish. Just as the fish was confined in too small of a space, my art and desire to create is confined – for the moment – to only digital art because I don’t have the correct art supplies I need to paint or draw. My dream is telling me that I can really “make a splash” once I get the proper materials.

DREAM TIP: If you can find a pun or a figure of speech in your dream, you have found a good part of the message!

And so I will listen to my dream’s advice and I will go get the pencils, the paints and the canvases I need so I can make myself, and my dreaming mind happy.  Because, believe you me, when your dreaming mind is not happy with you it will nag you to death with those annoying, persistent recurring dreams. Who needs that when we already have our mothers to do so?

Your dreams are guiding and advising you too, every single night of your life!

When you can understand what your dreams are telling you, you can make huge positive changes in your life and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start listening to your dreams sooner! Grab yourself a copy of one of my books and you’ll never have to wonder what your dreams mean again!

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