Without a doubt, the car is the most common mode of transportation we dream of because it is the most common vehicle used.  Therefore its meaning is broader than say, a boat or a plane. The car dream can be a commentary on how you are maneuvering through a specific life path, such as your career or relationship oath.  It can also be reflective of your “drive” or motivation to continue on down a certain road.  It is always important to pay attention to whether you are the one behind the wheel or not as that points to who – or even what part of you – is in control of the direction your life is taking.

The specifics of the dream, such as the type or condition of the car as well as the condition of the road and how well you are driving will help you to zero in on which life path it is connected to.  Crashing is the most common element to the car dream that I’ve discovered in my research.  It often means that some direction your life has taken has come to a sudden and messy stop. And then there’s the fender bender dream, which is connected to a waking life issue that isn’t quite as dire but still needs your attention.

Last week I was on 105.3 Hot FM in Grand Rapids, MI with Gravy and Rachael in the morning. Rachael told me about a fender bender dream she had that was commenting on a very important road she had chosen to go down…

As you can see from Rachael’s dream, her situation of being stuck in the middle as far as her parents and future in laws isn’t as dire as a crash but is more like a fender bender: an aggravation that has stopped her in her tracks for a bit, an aggravation that does need to be addressed but also an aggravation that she can move on from just as one can still drive their car after a fender bender.

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