Ever dream you or someone you loved had some sort of deathly disease? That sort of dream will scare your pants off and have you running to the doctor for a checkup! While dreams certainly can give you a heads up about what’s going on with your physical health, more often than not they are giving you a heads up about what is going on with your mental and emotional health…

Dear Lauri,
I had a dream last night that I was in the hospital for some reason and on the outside of one of the machines in my room I saw the diagnosis of lung cancer. I asked the nurse if this was true and she said it was. I saw the tumor on film, it was very big. I hadn’t received a prognosis or told anyone else about my diagnosis. – Cindy 41, Council Bluffs, IA

Lauri: Your dream doesn’t mean this is anything you need to actually physically worry about. Cancer in a dream means there is an unhealthy situation in your waking life that is growing, getting worse and beginning to eat away at you. You were in the hospital for something else, which means you are already actively trying to make some waking life situation better. You also had not been officially diagnosed in the dream, which means you may not have officially spoken up about this issue or had anyone else in waking life agree with you about it yet. None the less, your dream is showing you that if you allow this cancerous situation to continue, it’s going to kill who you are meant to be.

Cindy replies: Wow it all makes perfect sense. First off, I have recently left a nine year relationship. There are children involved so the relationship has not completely dissolved. The other person in the relationship continues to contact me daily, via texts or phone, begging and pleading to be kind and loving, etc. I have been eating myself sick, literally, not really sure why though. Maybe all the stress. I can definitely see that continued contact with him is unhealthy and this is becoming a growing problem, for both of us. I do absolutely feel like I am killing who I am really meant to be Thank you!

Now that Cindy can see this relationship is putting her emotional health in serious jeopardy, she is going to take the necessary action to put a stop to it. Cindy’s story is a perfect example of how being able to understand your dreams can help you improve every single area of your life. Your dreams are your inner knower, they truly have all the answers you need for whatever life throws at you.

Every single issue you face in life…    your dreams have an answer.
Any goal you set for yourself…    your dreams point the way.
No matter what heartbreak you suffer…    your dreams help you heal.

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