While the eyes of your physical body give you the ability to see, the eyes of your dream body represent your ability to know, to understand, “I see what you mean.”  The eyes of your physical body allow you to physically focus on an object, while the eyes of your dream body represent your ability to mentally “focus” on a goal or task.  The eyes of your physical body also give you the ability to view what surrounds you, while the eyes of your dream body represent your point of view, your opinion and your ability to change it.

In dreams, your eyes can suffer an array of afflictions because, in waking life, we all have an array of issues or behaviors that keep us from our focus, that sway our opinion or that keep us from opening our psychological eyes to see what is really going on.  The most common affliction our dream eyes suffer is that of blurry vision.

Dear Lauri,
I have a reoccurring dream that I am trying to drive down the road but everything is so blurry.  I cannot focus in on anything. What does this mean? – Lauren, Franklin, TN

Lauri: This dream comes to you whenever you need to “focus” on a particular issue in your life.  Something may be going on that you aren’t seeing for what it really is.  Can you think of anything to which you may be turning a “blind eye?”  Or perhaps you simply don’t have the “focus” and “drive” (motivation) you used to have in some area of your life.  Whatever the case, these dreams are telling you to “open your eyes,” look closely at your issues and at your life as a whole so that you can safely go down the road life has in store for you.

Lauren replies: I am going through a divorce at the age of 25. My soon to be ex-husband finally admitted he was an alcoholic after two years of ups and downs. I finally realized that I have a great job and that I do not need him to hold me back, or try to hurt things that I have worked so hard for. That interpretation makes great sense!

Notice how Lauren says in her dream report, “I cannot focus on anything.”  That is the message her dreaming mind wanted to convey.  Lauren’s career path, if not her whole life, had been blurred by her husband’s alcoholism.  She was so focused on him that she could no longer see her career goals, or any goals, that she originally chose for herself.

When you can “see” the powerful messages hidden within each and everyone of your dreams, you’ll also see how much easier your life will be.  Relationships, career, self esteem, decisions… every part of your life becomes clearer and easier, because your wiser inner mind knows all and gives you the answers in your dreams!!

Your book  has been very helpful. I have a lot better understanding of what my dreams really mean and they have helped me to have a few good dreams too! Thank you!” – Mary, Hartford City, IN

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