blurry_visionWhile the eyes of your physical body give you the ability to see, the eyes of your dream body represent your ability to know, to understand, “I see what you mean.”  The eyes of your physical body allow you to physically focus on an object, while the eyes of your dream body represent your ability to mentally “focus” on a goal or task.  The eyes of your physical body also give you the ability to view what surrounds you, while the eyes of your dream body represent your point of view, your opinion and your ability to change it.

In dreams, your eyes can suffer an array of afflictions because, in waking life, we all have an array of issues or behaviors that keep us from our focus, that sway our opinion or that keep us from opening our psychological eyes to see what is really going on.  The most common affliction our dream eyes suffer is that of blurry vision.

Dear Lauri,
I have a reoccurring dream that I am trying to drive down the road but everything is so blurry.  I cannot focus in on anything. What does this mean? – Lauren, Franklin, TN

Lauri: This dream comes to you whenever you need to “focus” on a particular issue in your life.  Something may be going on that you aren’t seeing for what it really is.  Can you think of anything to which you may be turning a “blind eye?”  Or perhaps you simply don’t have the “focus” and “drive” (motivation) you used to have in some area of your life.  Whatever the case, these dreams are telling you to “open your eyes,” look closely at your issues and at your life as a whole so that you can safely go down the road life has in store for you.

Lauren replies: I am going through a divorce at the age of 25. My soon to be ex-husband finally admitted he was an alcoholic after two years of ups and downs. I finally realized that I have a great job and that I do not need him to hold me back, or try to hurt things that I have worked so hard for. That interpretation makes great sense!

Notice how Lauren says in her dream report, “I cannot focus on anything.”  That is the message her dreaming mind wanted to convey.  Lauren’s career path, if not her whole life, had been blurred by her husband’s alcoholism.  She was so focused on him that she could no longer see her career goals, or any goals, that she originally chose for herself.

When you can “see” the powerful messages hidden within each and everyone of your dreams, you’ll also see how much easier your life will be.  Relationships, career, self esteem, decisions… every part of your life becomes clearer and easier, because your wiser inner mind knows all and gives you the answers in your dreams!!

Your book  has been very helpful. I have a lot better understanding of what my dreams really mean and they have helped me to have a few good dreams too! Thank you!” – Mary, Hartford City, IN

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12 thoughts on “Blurry vision in a dream

  1. In regards to Lauren, for me, what I've learned is focus on YOURSELF first, OTHERS SECOND! Other people usually don't play a role in our lives. Even if they do, just as you said NO ONE ELSE knows what is best for you EXCEPT YOU and dreams prove that!

    Now that I've taken that into my waking life, I'm "seeing" the world in a much better perspective. My sister is with me and she has her baby with some acid reflux but I notice when I'm not around, I could care less! Even though for many people raised in a society that tends to believe we should put the welfare of others above our own (or at least equally to our own), it can be very difficult to pull off without appearing self centered and uncaring towards others…but that's how it needs to be for some people.

  2. Mark Creasy says:

    I have no dreams it's jet black what is that. Also blurry and mute no sound

    1. Christine says:

      It’s been 3time am dreaming that I can’t see well in my dream,what dose it mean?

  3. Joseph Brown says:

    I recently started having dreams that I was visiting my old house, but when I left the house and got further away my vision went blurry and I felt very dizzy. Could you tell me what this means?

  4. Rhonda says:

    I am dreaming nothing is clear, but what wakes me up is someone or something in the dream says ” did you call your mom”, what could this mean?

  5. Dave says:

    Dear laury, I had this dream about I’m running away from someone who trying to fight me. But as I’m running I realize that I left home without my glasses and my vision starts to blur however, I was able to see someone who I was familiar with and I jump over a fence and ran. However I didn’t run to towards the person first I ran pass them but I looked inside the room, the room in that the man I was familiar to entered and saw a sick man. The sick man was his half brother. I look into another room there was a woman and a dead man on a bed. The woman got up and exit the room. The woman saw me and said nothing. Walk further around the area and saw table and I took up $15 and I walk back to where the room was and saw the man I was familiar to and his ex-wife and they told me they would handle the person whose trying to hunt me down and beat me up. N.B. I think they were my grandparents..

    You note that I have exams in a few weeks.

  6. Gurpreet says:

    I’ve always had this weird dream, if thats what i can call it, and I’ve been having for years now. In the dream im in some sort of small tunnel and some kind of thing, its close to a baloon but not quite, keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Then suddenly this vision goes away and i see these weird things. I dont know how to describe them, i dont even think they’re things. They expand then shrink back to there normal size. I have a choice of what i can do with these but in my dream i always seem to make the wrong sort of choice. I really dont know what this dream is, but I’ve been having it for more than 5 years. Im sorry that this doesnt make sense but i cant remember anything much.

  7. Aaron says:

    All my dreams since i can remember are blurry as if a white filter was on the dream, i never see clearly i see with a white outline and not focused i dont use glasses

  8. Hashini says:

    I recently hada dream that i was facing my als but in a diffrent stream and my boyfriend and his best friend was alao in that examination hall. My eyes got close when yhe papers were distributed when i was trying to open my eyes it was all blured and tears come and teachers took me out and for a time one teacher thought i was lying while my friends helped me and the other teachers also in my side. After awhile when i got a clear vision i was back in hall. My bf switched his place next to mine and helped me with the answers and after a moment or two my vision went again. I dnt know what my dream is telling me can i have a proper idea?

  9. Janet says:

    Dear Laurie,
    I frequently have dreams that I can’t see out of one of my eyes. But its not dark it’s more of a blur. When I try to turn my head to look with my “good eye” to see what’s on the side I cant see I cant see to turn my head to that side. But I’ll be able to hear if someone is speaking to me on that side. Recently, I couldn’t see out of my right eye and I was pulling an extremely long string out of my throat over a really nasty/dirty toilet. But in the dream that was “normal.” I asked myself (in the dream) why I couldn’t see out of one of my eye and I said “its because I’m still asleep” & I tried to go to sleep. (By this time the long black string was out of my throat)

  10. Chloe Collins says:

    I had a dream I came into my mums but was really dizzy and just collapsed on the floor I could faintly see everyone around me but instead of getting an ambulance I can hear my dad faintly in the back ground saying he needs to call the police i looked around a bit more was extremely blurry but I spotted a white candle on a stand infront of me still blurred but the candle wasn’t lit and then I slowly lost consciousness I saw my eyelids close from my point of view and then boom woke up like I’d been holding my breath

  11. Chloe Collins says:

    This is last night’s dream nothing to do with this but I thought it was really really odd firstly I was with some guy that I met on the weekend and I became a hippie my hair was sooo long but throughout it was a bit crazy alot of driving inbetween went to the hospital and someone put some white cream on their finger and put their finger up my bum I saw my own bum and then afterwards was really confussed why they left the cream in and presumed it was just an anal bleach then got back to my hippie den looked in the mirror and stocked my hair to the front and half of my hair fell out but it wasn’t at the root it was like 4-5 inches and I assumed it was becasue it was too long and heavy what does this all mean if searched up hair falling out but I wonder if their is a difference between the nape and the crown of your head

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