Ever dreamed you were bleeding? Talk about waking up in a full on panic! Blood is such an interesting dream symbol. In reality, it is constantly flowing within us, bringing nourishment to our entire body and keeping us alive. If you lose too much blood, you lose your life. To the dreaming mind, blood is the emotional energy that flows within us and to bleed in a dream means something or someone is emotionally draining you (it can also mean you are bleeding financially). However, if you cause your own blood loss in a dream it means you may need to actively let some of that emotional energy flow…

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed I was at work and my boss and I were both shaving our legs at the backroom sink. Then I noticed a single hair on my chest over my heart and tried to shave it but the razor sliced an artery which I could see hanging there, pouring out blood. The dream ended with me driving myself to the hospital ER.   – Denise 48, Boise, ID

Lauri: First of all… ew! Secondly, hairy legs and chest hair are both rather manly physical traits, but to the dreaming mind they are your male, assertive behaviors. It seems your dreaming mind is telling you to try not to be too manly somewhere in your life. Are you too “bossy” and assertive in a relationship or in general? Slicing your heart open to the point of blood gushing out suggests you may have recently “poured your heart out” to someone…. or that you need to do so. Also, the damage to the heart is most likely connected to heart break in real life. The ER visit means your inner self is in emergency mode. It wants this emotional pain to get better ASAP.

Denise replies: My husband laughs as I read this to him! Yes, I have a history of being too bossy and assertive with him. The heartbreak is likely related to my only daughter getting married two weeks ago and moving far away. I’ve been feeling pretty sad about that. I guess I need to make efforts to connect with her. Thanks!

Denise’s dream is showing her that she needs to stop trying to be so tough and just let her emotions flow, like the blood in her dream, regarding her daughter marrying and moving away. My son is only 11 but I certainly can imagine how painful it must be to have your baby leave the nest and start their new life far far away from you. sigh. Denise’s dream shows us that the wise inner mind knows that letting your emotions flow does indeed make it better. Who hasn’t felt better after a good cry?

If you have blood in your dream, no matter whose blood it is, ask yourself what or who is draining you right now. Where in your life are you putting out more than you are getting back? These questions should help you pinpoint the issue your dream is trying to help you with.

Your dreams are your inner knower: they always know what is best for you to do no matter what waking life throws at you. Unfortunately, the language they speak to us in is a coded language that is hard to understand. It doesn’t have to be that way! You CAN easily figure out your dreams, every single morning, with my latest book Dream on It. Thousands upon thousands of dreamers are getting the powerful messages their dreams are sending…. isn’t it time you start getting your messages?

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