A lot of people, when telling me their dream, make it a point to tell me that they dream in color. The truth is, we ALL dream in color. Often very vivid technicolor! We are designed to see in color, therefore we dream in color too. And sometimes, the color of an object in the dream can really stand out.  When that’s the case, pay attention! There is a reason. The following dream is a great example of that. This is from my nationally syndicated column The Dream Zone…

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed that black goo was running down the walls of my shower and a black bear was trying to chew through the ceiling in my bedroom!!   – Nora, Atlanta, GA

When colors stand out in a dream you need to pay attention to them because they are often connected to a waking life emotion. Black in a dream usually refers to negative emotions, something you have a bad feeling about. That being said, the black goo in your dream seems to be about some negative, perhaps sticky, situation you have not been able to cleanse yourself of, hence it being in the shower. The black bear suggests this is something that has been somewhat hard to “bear,” and it is not only eating away at you but is also something that has been “hanging over your head,” just as the bear was eating away at the ceiling. Do you know what it is? The bedroom means this is either connected to an intimate relationship (boyfriend, husband) or it is something that is keeping you up at night.

Nora replies: Well that makes TOTAL sense! I am aware that two friends/co-workers are having an affair and it is indeed a sticky situation. I also know both of their spouses. I left that job in December but the female half of this affair is always asking my insight. I keep trying to tell her it’s a bad idea. And to make matters worse, the cheating husband’s wife had a baby two days ago. Aaaaaaaah!!  Thanks Lauri, I really appreciate the insight.

Lauri replies: Oh my goodness! So both people are married to someone else? That is sticky. And it is sticking to you because she won’t leave you alone about it. Maybe you should tell her you will have nothing to with her so long as she’s sleeping around behind her husband’s back. Your dreams are likely to continue nagging you about this situation until you disengage yourself from it. Good luck.

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