Photo courtesy of Dave Buchwald

Humorist Don Herrold once wrote, “Babies are such a nice way to start people.”  How true!  Babies are brand new, untainted and precious new beginnings.  Babies are the start of a whole new life and that is precisely what a baby is in a dream, the start of a whole new part of you or your personality.

I have a recurring dream that involves an Asian baby that is left on my doorstep.  I get ready for school and am about to walk out my door and there sits this adorable baby!  It has only happened since I started nursing school last August.   – Katrina 23

Lauri: Babies symbolize something new in our life, mostly a new part of our self that needs LOTS of care and attention in order to grow and reach its full potential.  That would certainly apply to nursing school because once you graduate a whole new life as a nurse will begin.  But you didn’t give birth to the baby; it was placed on your doorstep.  In waking life, was nursing school a sudden decision?  Did you not have time to incubate the idea? The doorstep also shows us that you know this is an open door of opportunity for you.  The fact that the baby was Asian indicates that nursing school may be something that is “foreign” to you, something hard for you to understand at the moment but that with diligence you can learn to understand.

Katrina replies: I am forever saying how nursing is a “foreign” language and they are teaching us to walk, talk, think, and act like a nurse as if joining another culture or breed of people.  The whole situation with getting accepted into the program happened so quickly and it has been a huge adjustment in my life.  So yes, it was sudden.  Thank you!

Like the baby on Katrina’s doorstep, she has a brand new life waiting for her should she continue to nurture it and focus on it.  It also is significant if, in the dream, the baby belongs to you or someone else.  As in Katrina’s dream, she did not give birth to the baby; it suddenly showed up, which is connected to the fact that she didn’t carry the idea or prepare for nursing school like most do. It was very sudden.  When you know the baby in the dream belongs to you and if you even give birth in the dream, it suggests that the new element in your life or within you is due to your own hard work, your labor, and the fruits of that labor are now here and ready for further nurturing and attention from you.

If you find a baby or are given a baby that is not yours, that is a good indication that in waking life you have taken on something, a project or idea, that did not originate from you but still has the potential to create a new life for you.

Sometimes a baby can be connected to the part of the self that acts like a baby needs to be babied or to someone around you whom you feel is being a baby.

If the baby in the dream is your actual waking life baby, then the dream is most likely about your baby and not yourself. But if your children are now grown and you are dreaming that they are babies then you need to ask yourself if you are still babying them rather than treating them as the adults that they are.

The message of baby dreams: So, what’s new?  There must be a new element in your life or within you that is in need of your care and attention; something that may seem small now but is likely to grow and improve.  How you feel towards the baby in your dream is directly connected to how you feel about the new aspect of your life.  The condition of the baby in the dream reflects the condition of this new part of your life or your self.  And like a baby, this new element – if given the proper care – has endless possibilities.

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