Which candidate are you dreaming of?
Which candidate are you dreaming of?

This is an historic election, not just because of two particular candidates, but also because of the current state of the collective American psyche. Because of this, a lot of dreams have been sent to me lately that involve the candidates… and I think because of THAT, I actually dreamt of Sarah Palin last night!

Anyhoo, this got me to thinking… I wonder which candidate is dreamt of the most. Is there a common theme within McCain Supporter’s dreams?  Is there a similar theme among Obama’s supporters?  And what do our candidate dreams say about us as Americans… especially during this trying time in our history?

Hmm… are people also dreaming of SNL???

This has been a very polarizing election season.  Help me out with my research and leave your candidate dreams in the comments below.  And PLEASE include which candidate you are voting for or leaning towards.

This should be fun!