And you think YOUR dreams are weird??  In a recent issue of The Los Angeles Decider, film director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is asked if he has any bizarre recurring dreams, to which he answers: “I am going to the bathroom and I crap and I can’t flush [it] away. Then there is a fish that comes out of the toilet and he has the face of Mick Jagger. He has a big mouth and he crawls on the turd, swallows it, and disappears. I swear, I’m not responsible for this.”

Let’s break this down, shall we?  First of all, we give ourself our dreams, they are not coming from some outside source, so Mr. Gondy is indeed responsible!  Secondly, believe it or not, going number 2 in a dream is a good sign!  It suggests that he is trying to “relieve himself” of frustration or “crap” that he had been holding in.   (those frustrating bathroom dreams where you can’t find a toilet or one that is suitable or working mean that you are not releasing your frustration and anger)  

But he is unable to flush the toilet! A good indication that try as he might, he still holds onto this negativity. Perhaps it’s a grudge he can’t seem to “flush away.” Thankfully a fish with the likes of Mick Jagger EATS the… um… leavings of Michel!  Well, usually what happens at the end of your dream is the point your dream wants to make.  In this case, his dream is using a celebrity to get its point across.  Michel would have to incorporate his own personal associations to mick here but a good way to figure out what a celebrity means in your dream is to think of the first song, movie role, etc. that comes to mind when you think of them. The stones most famous song is “Satisfaction.” 

For the Mick/fish to eat the “turd,” which represents Michel’s frustrations and negativity, his dream is showing him he is in a cycle of taking in, swallowing, and never fully releasing the negativity. And allowing this cycle to continue means he “can’t get no satisfaction!”

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