If you’ve ever been shot in a dream, you’d swear it felt like the real thing! You can feel the bullet pierce and penetrate your body, you can feel the warm blood running down. Sometimes, you can even feel your body die and your soul beginning to separate. It’s CRAZY how HD our dreams can be. These dreams are so real and so vivid one can’t help but wonder if perhaps we are dreaming the future.

Last week on my Blogtalk show The Dream Zone a lady named Ebony called in. She had been having a recurring dream EVERY NIGHT for a month that she gets shot in the stomach and dies. Naturally, she needed answers… and answers she got!!

As you heard, she not only got answers, she got relief. And who knows, perhaps this little conversation will help her get her some babies as well!

You may have also noticed that it was very significant that she got shot in the stomach. As I always say, nothing in a dream is random. Where the bullet hits you in your body is important. For example, getting shot in the head can mean someone has taken a shot at your ego or intellect.  Getting shot in the heart can mean someone has emotionally wounded you, to the point of heart break. Again, every single detail in your dream has a meaning and can be connected to what is currently going on in your life. When you can understand the symbols in your dreams and are able to connect them to each other and to your life, what you are left with is an unbelievably powerful message from you, to you, about you. A message you need to know.

I can personally walk you through your dream, help you understand every single detail of it and the messages waiting for you in it. It is a much bigger deal to be able to understand your dreams than you think… particularly if you are getting recurring disturbing dreams. THOSE are screaming for you to pay attention to them. I can help. I’m the best in the business. You’ll be glad you came to me, dahling. You’ll be very glad.

“Thank you SO MUCH for this FASCINATING interpretation!!! You completely put my mind at ease as I slapped my forehead and said, “Of COURSE!! It all makes sense now!!” Everything you suggested fits so perfectly! I feel like I just had a wonderful session with my favorite therapist!  Thank you thank you again!!!”   – Jeane, Rockford, MI

“After waking from my dream I kept thinking how completely odd it was, but that it must have been important. You were able to take the guts of my dream and pull the message from it for me. This dream is now a significant part of my life. I’m so glad I talked to you!”   – Sarah Boynton, Salt Lake City, UT

“WOW!  You’re amazing Lauri!  Thank you SO MUCH!  Your insights made SO MUCH SENSE! I’m SO GLAD I turned to you to not only help me ‘SEE’ things in a different light, but oh boy do I see them clearer! You’re AWESOME Lauri!!  Thanks!!  *Big Hug*”   – Jennifer, Holt, MI