Every Monday I get to dissect a sex or relationship dream for my friends at  Em and Lo: Sex, Love and Everything In Between  This week’s dream is from a gal whose dream is trying to make her feel better about herself…

I had the WEIRDEST dream last night! In the dream, I was sleeping and suddenly I wake up with my mom telling me to get something that was in her wallet which was in my night stand. So I was looking for what she told me to look for (I don’t remember what it was) and I found a vibrator So I started to pleasure myself with it and then I had the best orgasm ever. After that I was just freaked out and woke up.

Lauri: Whenever you wake up in a dream it means you have had a recent “awakening” or realization in real life. Unless you still live with your mom or deal with her on a daily basis, she is not playing herself. Most likely she represents the part of you that is caring and nurturing and knows what is best. This part of you is basically telling you – through this dream – that it’s time to discover and recognize your own value and self worth (any reference to money or wallets in dreams is often about personal value). And this is precisely why you ended up pleasuring yourself. Masturbation in a dream means we are pleased with our self in waking life. Consider this dream a pat on the back from your subconscious!

Response from the dreamer: Hey, thank you so much. I appreciate that you took your time to answer my dream. Everything was going perfect… except for the relationship with my mom.

Lauri: Ah… so that may be where the wallet comes in. Was she making you feel bad about yourself?

Dreamer: Yes, she was! It was because of my new boyfriend; she was kinda jealous about it.

Lauri: Okay, so your dream is asking you – through the voice of your mother – to find the wallet, because it wants you to NOT feel “worthless.” Despite your mom, everything is going well for you. You are a valuable individual so be proud of yourself.  Your dreaming mind is apparently pleased with you!  🙂

Dreamer: Right on!

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