Because of my career, I get the opportunity to hear thousands upon thousands of dreams. And once in a rare while, someone will tell me they dreamed about me! THOSE are always difficult for me to interpret because… I’m not used to being a dream symbol.

Last week on my blogtalk radio show, Chris from the U.K. called in with a dream about me, and a wild party at my house… and East European hookers!! Have a listen to the audio below as I struggle through making sense of this one.

We finally got to the bottom of it! Chris’s dream is a great example of how, even the most embarrassing dream, has a very relevant and helpful message for you. But what I love most about Chris’s dream is how the dreaming will throw its own party when there is something worth celebrating. And yes, being opened up to the powerful world of dreams is definitely cause for celebration in my book… hookers and all! I mean, what’s a good party without hookers? And goats? Ahem. Anyway…

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books_all3Whether you’re dreaming of hookers, parties or legs made of noodles, your dreams have a lot to tell you about yourself and about your life. Being able to figure out your dreams is not only fun to do, it’s really eye-opening and empowering, and I’ve written three books that will have you understanding in your dreams no time! Keep one or all of my books on your nightstand so the next time you wake up from a crazy or a disturbing dream, you don’t have to let it bother you! You can simply reach over, grab the book, flip through it and figure it out. There will be plenty of times yet to come where you’ll be glad you have these by your bedside!

Your books are very helpful. I have a lot better understanding of what my dreams really mean & they have helped me to have a few good dreams too! Thank you!” – Mary, Hartford City, IN