A horse is a horse, of course, of course… unless it shows up in your dream!

In my research I have found that there are two main meanings behind a horse in a dream. The most common meaning is the ability to get back in the saddle when life knocks you down. And man, oh man, life can really knock you down, can’t it? The second most common meaning behind a horse in a dream is your health. Remember the old saying, “I’m as healthy as a horse?” Yep, we naturally equate horses with having a good, strong healthy body. That’s why, whenever we have a health issue, the dreaming mind will often refer to the health issue in the form of a horse.

Last night I was a guest on KPAM 860 With Terry Boyd. His traffic gal, Nicole, had quite an interesting dream about a horse on an elevator and it beautifully illustrates both of these meanings. This was actually a VERY interesting to me…

First of all, thank GOD Nicole’s tests came back negative. Secondly, in addition to the elevator representing the fact that the results could go either way, I think it also was suggesting that Nicole’s spirit and attitude could go either way. Some people who receive the Cancer diagnosis go down in their attitude and play the role of victim and think negatively while others take on the role of warrior and think positively and look upwards towards the life lessons they are learning, the psychological strength they are gaining, etc. – not unlike the up and down arrows on the elevator buttons.
dream-on-it-smYou know, every little detail in your dream has a meaning. Nothing is random. The wise dreaming mind has a wonderful way of weaving all the different elements of your dream together into a very relevant and powerful message about your life.  My latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life teaches you how the dreaming mind works, how to understand the symbols in your dreams, how the different types of dreams we get are connected to the different parts of our life and more.
“I love the book so far. I couldn’t put it down before bed last night. I had to force myself to sleep!”)   – Treena, Cedar City, UT