I think we’ve all had that dream where we discover a room or series of rooms in our house that doesn’t actually exist in real life. I get that one A LOT! In my dreams it is usually a whole other wing of the house I didn’t know was there or had forgotten was there.

These “secret room” dreams are typically connected to a part of the self that you are just discovering or that you are not using. In my case it is my art. All my life it has been a very big part of who I am, hence it being presented to me as an entire wing of the house, but I have absolutely neglected it to focus on my career as a Dream Analyst. So my dreams keep nagging me and telling me, “remember this part of you? Use it already!” Anyhoo…

Sometimes the secret room in our dreams can be scary, haunted or even demonic, which is the case with Ashley who is a lady that called in while I was on the air with The Morning Rush on KISS FM in Toledo OH yesterday morning. Have a listen because her dream reveals, not only an interesting family issue, but also the way the dreaming mind helps to bring closure to that which we have overcome. It’s only 6 minutes long and well worth the listen!

Ashley’s situation beautifully illustrates how our recurring dreams are connected to ongoing issues that need attention. Her dream is also a good example of how our recurring dreams guide us through the issue and even pat us on the back once we have resolved it.

Do you have a secret room dream? If so, you need to first try to identify what part of you or your life is not being used right now or has recently been discovered then compare the condition of the room and your feelings towards the room to this unused or newly discovered part of yourself. In my secret room dreams (or rather secret wing dreams) I wondered why I hadn’t been using this part of the house. And the funny thing about that is, I recently started painting again after 15 years. When I completed the painting I was VERY pleased with how well it turned out and I said to myself, “Why did I ever stop doing this?” Zing!

Tell me your dream 2I like to think of our dreaming mind as our very own built-in therapist, who has all the answers we will ever need, who is always there for us willing to guide us and advise us every single day of our life… except that the therapist doesn’t speak English. I can help you completely and thoroughly understand what your built-in therapist is telling you! Getting your dream interpreted is actually a pretty big deal. Like Ashley, you’ll be amazed and thankful once you are able to understand your dream. You can set up a personal reading with me here or you can easily learn to understand your dreams for yourself with one or all three of my FABULOUS dream books. Whether you get a book or opt for a personal reading with me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

“I’m very impressed with your ability to get so much meaning from a dream — and your willingness to get to the bottom of it. Especially for such a great price! I assumed I’d get something far more cookie-cutter for that price.  I have so much gratitude!”   – Carrie B. Seattle, WA