Ever have one of those dreams where the imagery is so disturbing and so vile you just can’t shake it, let alone figure out why you’d dream something like that? I think we all have. Let me assure you, these upsetting dreams do not mean there is something wrong with you… rather there is something wrong in your life. Like I always say, the more disturbing the dream, the more dire are the waking life circumstances.

A good way to figure out what the dream is connected to is to ask yourself what is the most difficult thing you are dealing with right now?  Odds are, THAT is what your dream is trying to address and help you with. Last night during my Blogtalk  show The Dream Zone, Liz called in and shared a pretty horrible dream with my co-host Frankie and me. Luckily, I was able to get right to the matter at hand…

Another thing I always say is that the dreaming mind will be brutally honest with us when the waking mind refuses to be (I’m just full of little gems, aren’t I?). Look at your disturbing dreams as a wake up call to take care of the negative issues in your life. While you may be complacent about it, your dreaming mind is not, and will eventually slap you into attention by giving you a bad dream such as Liz’s. So don’t ignore or dismiss those dreams as “just a dream,” because they’re not just a dream; they’re actually a really good friend to you… a friend who’s not going to take your BS and who will tell you like it is.

Also, isn’t it ironic that caller Liz’s situation was eerily similar to Liz Lemon’s from 30 Rock? Same name and all? Meh… maybe it’s just me.

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