The other day I was a guest on the morning show on WNCY in Green Bay WI with my old radio buddy Bear.  His co-host Charlie is expecting and had a disturbing dream that her baby was born without a face!  Naturally, this dream upset her quite a bit and was actually what prompted them to book me.

Due to the content of the dream I suspected this was her first pregnancy… sure ’nuff, it is!

I assured her that it’s very common to have this dream when you are pregnant the first time… and it is caused by imaptience!  She’s eager to see that baby!  What is it going to look like?  WHO will it resemble?? I wanna know already!!  But the dreaming mind says, nope. You’re going to have to wait til it’s done cooking, lady.  Charlie was quite relieved and agreed whole-heartedly that she’s never been so impatient for something in her life!

Other common dreams that reflect the first time mom’s impatience are:

*Dreaming the baby is born with teeth
*Dreaming the baby can talk
*Dreaming of giviing birth to a toddler or child
*Dreaming you can see inside your belly

Dreams during pregnancy can be hilarious and can also be horribly frightening for both mom-to-be and daddy-to-be.  Being able to understand those dreams can give you peace of mind as well as a new perspective on your pregnancy, what’s going on with your body and your relationship with the father.

I have an entire chapter on dreams during pregnancy in my book So, What Did You Dream Last Night?  I cover the dreams you can expect to get during each trimester and even cover daddy-to-be dreams too!  Grab your copy here:

Are you pregnant and having strange dreams?  Or do you remember your bizarre dreams when you were pregnant?  Share them in the comments section.