Donna ReedSince it’s Mother’s Day, it seemed fitting to blog about what it means when we dream of Mom. Below is an excerpt from the people chapter of my latest book Dream On It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life…

According to my research, our mothers – whether she is still with us on this earth or not – show up in our dreams an average of once a week! The mother figure is the central most important figure to just about every human on this planet. Mother nurtures and cares for us, comforts us, disciplines us, loves us unconditionally, forgives us and knows what is best. Mother teaches us how to wash behind our ears, how to eat right, how to treat a cold, and how to nurse a wound. Once we leave the nest, we take this nurturing know-how with us and continue to apply it to ourselves and to the ones we love. We also, from time to time, find ourselves in need of the comfort only a mother can provide. When we are sick, when we are faced with difficulties, when life brings us to our knees we – if only on the inside – want our mommies. This nurturing know-how and this need for comfort then shows up in our dreams in the form of our very own mother or mother figure! Basically, Mom in a dream is the manifestation of all that you would typically associate with the word mother: comfort, nurturing know-how, paternal discipline, even fertility.

I always have this dream of me and my mother fighting, but it’s not just verbal fighting it’s physical fighting. We get along pretty well and fight sometimes, but when I have this dream it seems to be when we are on good terms. – Carol 28

Lauri: Most likely, these dreams aren’t about your mother at all but rather about YOUR role as mom. Is there anything you are beating yourself up about? Anything you are feeling guilty about as far as the way you are mothering your child or children? You may find you get this dream whenever you have an inner conflict about how to discipline your child or when you feel you aren’t being the best Mom that you can be. Your dream is showing you what you are doing to yourself. Stop beating yourself up.

Carol replies: As far as my being a mother I do feel like I don’t do enough. The thing is that I hardly spend any time with my kids due to work, and going to school to study nursing, so I leave early and get home late and that is what I beat myself up about. This makes sense.

Carol’s dream was showing her herself in the form of her own mother in order to help her realize that she was being too hard on herself. She would never be so harsh with her own mother, so why is she being so harsh with her children’s mother?

If you are a mom, like Carol, then your mother dreams are most likely commenting on your role as Mom. Any negative element to the dream is likely a reflection of your own frustrations with motherhood. If you are not yet a mom but are trying or hoping to be, you’re going to be dreaming of your own mother… well, a mother load! If you are a man, Mom most likely represents your ability to take good care of yourself or those around you.

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2 thoughts on “When You Dream of Mom…

  1. Wow! Freaky reading about this mother/daughter fighting! A few days ago I had a nightmare that I was robot (built by my mother, in the dream, my only parental unit) and she was using me as a "lover robot". UUUUUUUUUGH! Disgusting, I know…not the worst of it. I tried to call the police, but she caught me and the police didn't want to rescue a robot anyway. So i did the next thing i could think of. I protested telling her that "I may be a robot, but I'm still your daughter". While she was taking me to my room she threatened to switch me off this time!!! It might not sound as bad if I were tuned off and unaware of what was going on, but I knew it made me extra vulnerable, not to mention, all of the memory data was stored in my circuitry so even if i was turned off, I'd end up reliving it once I was turned on. I told her that she "couldn't do this" to her "own child" as she "gave me life, no matter how artificial it is", which she argued against, using the old fashioned "you're just a machine" routine. I eventually just started screaming bloody murder when she got the door to my on/off switch open…then…I woke up.

    Really scary!! i was pretty uneasy with mom for the rest of the day even though i found out what it was telling me.

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