drowning dream digitalSince you are reading this article, you obviously know that your dreams are important.  But what you may not know is that your dream life is just as important as your waking life. Whatever answers you seek during the day are given to you at night in your dreams… but in a different language… a symbolic language.

One of the most important keys to understanding your dreams is not to look AT them but to look IN to them.   Every object, every character, even the actions and the setting of your dream is symbolic of something that is going on in your life and in your mind RIGHT NOW!  Do not take your dreams literally.  Your dreams are full of symbols and when you can understand those symbols you’ll be able to see how they are directly connected to your life today and are even giving you direction on how to deal with tomorrow.

To show you what I mean, I will cover the 12 most common dreams we all share and what they mean.

Being chased: If you are being chased then you are running from some issue or confrontation in waking life you’d rather not face. What or whom are you avoiding? Learn to face your issues right away.  When you do, the being chased dreams will stop.

Car: A car in a dream shows how you are traveling through life or through a particular situation. Can also refer to how you are ‘driven’ or motivated. A speeding car is a good indication you need to slow down and take it easy in waking life. A car with no brakes means you are having difficulty putting the brakes on something. A crashing car may indicate you are headed for a crash, a rude awakening. An out of control car means you have lost control of something in your life. A car that won’t start indicates you are having trouble getting things up and running or that you have lost your ‘drive’ or motivation. It’s always good to be in the driver seat of your car, it means you are in control. If your car is stolen then you may be feeling directionless in your life or you may be having a difficult time making a decision, feeling unsure what direction to take.

Cheating: Unless you have a good reason to suspect your mate is cheating on you, I wouldn’t start looking through their drawers or pockets just yet! Ask yourself if your loved one doing too much of something that takes away from the relationship? Your subconscious mind may see it as a ‘mistress’ or another man. Your dream is telling you that you are feeling ‘cheated’ out of your loved one’s time and attention. If you are the one cheating, ask yourself what you may be doing that is taking away from the time your mate needs from you. Is it a new baby? Is it your job? Your friends? Traveling? These dreams are telling you that you and your mate need to find a way to appreciate one another more.

Death: Change, the old dying off in order to make way for the new. The end of an issue or relationship. A part of yourself, a part of your life, something in your world coming to a close. Our dreams often equate a change in our life to death because – as with death – when a change is happening we tend to fear what may be “on the other side” of that change.  If you are dreaming of death, fear not. Rebirth is around the corner. Dead people in a dream usually refer to issues that are dead, that you should no longer give any energy to. Ask yourself if you are holding a grudge that you need to let die. Actual dead people you once knew often refer to that point in your life when they were around. Is there anything about who you were then that you need to bring back to life now?

Dog: Symbolizes someone you feel is a loyal companion. Usually refers to your mate but could also be a friend or co-worker. It could also represent something you have loyalty towards, something you need to stick to such as your fitness, quitting smoking, eating better, etc.  A dog could also symbolize a fear if you are afraid of dogs. May also symbolize your need or desire to buckle down and train yourself to behave. Look at the type of dog in your dream. What is that type of dog known for? German Shepherd: Best known for being a guard dog or police dog. Are you being or do you need to be guarded when it comes to a particular relationship? Are you overly protective? Husky: Best known as a sled dog. Are you carrying a heavy burden? Are you dragging an issue on too long? Dalmation: Is there a ‘fire’ or urgent situation you need to put out?

falling-dreamwebFalling: Fear of failure, of losing status or of losing control. You’ve suffered a big letdown or something in your life is going rapidly in the wrong direction: your finances? A relationship? Your career? Your self esteem? Time to redirect this situation immediately! Sometimes falling can point to falling into a depression.

Flying: Your dream is showing you that you have the ability to break free from Earthly woes and from things that bring you down and make your soul feel heavy. Your ability to soar to new heights and

reach a higher level in life than where you are now. Can also be a pat on the back from your subconscious for doing a good job. What’s happening right now that makes your spirit feel like soaring?

House: No matter whether you dream of your actual house or some random dream house, it symbolizes YOU, your state of mind, the dwelling place of your soul. The state of the house reflects yourself at the time of the dream. Mansion: Could symbolize your goals. Grand ideas. An elaborate way of thinking and doing. New House: A new way of thinking and behaving. Old House: Old, out of date attitudes. An old soul. If the house is run down, you may be feeling tired and run down. House Under Construction: Rebuilding yourself, you are undergoing renovation, transformation. If it is a house you used to live in, then it may not be about the house but who you were back then. If you are trying to find your way back home then you are probably trying to get things back to normal in waking life.  House You Used To Live In: It’s not about the house, it’s about who you were when you lived there, your state of mind at that time.  Is there something going on now that is making you to feel that same way?  Do you need to bring that state of mind from back then into the now?  Or is there an issue that began back then that you haven’t been able to let go of?  In that case, your dream may be showing you that it is impossible to move forward if you are still holding on to what is behind you.  Time to move out of that old state of mind.

Nudity: What is causing you to feel embarrassed, vulnerable or unprepared in real life? Are you going to be or have you recently been in a situation where all eyes are on you? Have you ‘revealed’ a little too much about yourself or about something? This dream usually means you are concerned people are noticing your personality flaws.  It may also mean you need to reveal the truth or get down to the bare facts.

Sex: A need to unite the qualities or opinions of someone else into your own life. Pick three words that describe your dream lover. Apply those words to yourself, to your life. Would you or your life improve if you took on one of those qualities or opinions? Sex in a dream is not always about a physical union you want but rather a psychological union you need.  Also ask yourself if you have recently or if you need to “come together” on some level with the person you dreamed about.  To have sex with someone of the same gender (if you are not gay) means you have probably done something recently that makes you proud of your gender. For example, pregnant women tend to get girl-on-girl dreams because there is nothing more feminine than creating life. Men can get a guy-on-guy dream when they land a hot date or get a promotion.

Teeth: Most often symbolize your words. If your teeth are falling out then you have been having loose speech, speaking without thinking or gossiping, you have allowed something out of your mouth that should have remained in there permanently… like your teeth! If you are spitting out your teeth then there is something that needs to be said.

Water: Your emotions. The state of the water will reflect the state of your emotions. Can also symbolize creative juices. A healing energy. Calm Clear Water: Clear about emotional decisions Muddy, Murky Water: Emotional confusion. Unable to see through an emotional issue. Depression. Rising Water/Flood: You may be getting in over your head, getting in too deep. An increasingly tough situation. Under Water: In over your head. Feeling overwhelmed. This dream is telling you it is time to take a breather and re-evaluate your current circumstances.

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17 thoughts on “The 12 Most Common Dreams

  1. Kathy Olsson says:

    I keep having a reoccuring dream. It is always about a house. It is usually a three story house. I live there with my family. The second story is not accessable due to an unfriendly spirit or presence living there. I am always in the dream and trying to access the second story. I desire to either make friends with the negative spirit or force him out so I control the second floor. I succeed sometimes and sometimes I fail. By the way, that second floor has the most beautiful large rooms, including a ballroom that I want everyone to see and admire. The last time I had this dream, (last week), my oldest daughter was having a piano recital there with the Queen of England in attendance. I actually made friends with the two spirits that were there on the second floor this time. What does this all mean? Thanks.

    1. adliss says:

      Well go find the library somewhere in your house the maps to your second floor will be there. there you will find the icon to banish those spirit or at lest talk to them as spirits are a good lead into the coming days you have. There might even be a spirit animal ready to help you in all phases of life. I have seen people get a spirit containing wind up with a spirit best to sit in the waking dream called life.

  2. Sara says:

    For a person who typically dreams she is standing at the sink washing dishes, my dream last night was too peculiar not to share! My supervisor and I (who are friends) were moved to a different department and are bored to tears. We begin playing pranks on people in the office just for fun. We set up a maze and were taking bets to determine which guinea pig would race through the maze quickest. Did I mention that my supervisor had crocheted sweaters for all the guinea pigs? What are your thoughts?

  3. Kelly says:

    I have a recurring dream that I always have right in the block of time when you go to bed, but are not sleeping but not awake. I call it the in between time. In my dream, I am on a pirate ship. 5 pirates point at me with swords and make me walk the plank. There is a severe thunderstorm going on, and when I am on the edge of the plank, the wind pushes me of and I fall to the 3 shark circling below. Except, the sharks don’t get me. I fall right through the water. Then I wake up, and sit straight up in bed. The bed is shaking, like someone just jumped-or fell-on it, and my cat is staring at me like I fell from the ceiling. When I wake, I feel as if I had actually been floating, the fall into bed. I don’t know what this means! HELP!

    1. adliss says:

      Hey cool they they only make me sword fight. But look you at one time died at their hands, now in another life it wants you to fight them more, so find the icon that will help you this time it will dagger or sword other than the ones on the pirates but it might be on one of the pirates. fight, fight and fight them all. as they are some things that will show themselves somewhere in life but you need as we all do a dry at at tackling them. good luck too.

  4. Renee says:

    I always dream I’m driving on a road or a bridge and the water comes up so close to the car I can’t see the sides of the road, or I am on a bridge and suddenly the road runs out and my car is flying off the road in midair. scary sometimes!!

  5. Ashley says:

    I have been having reoccurring dreams involving a gun and being shot at. One of the dreams I had I got robbed at a gas station, chased the two boys outside and the boy that had my purse was sitting in the backseat with the door open and when I ran over there, he was pointing the gun at me. I turned around and ran and could hear the gun shot, and then I woke up. Just lastnight I had a dream (I was also in the cast of Desperate Housewives) that there was a man that entered the house I was in. He looked like a normal man until he reached into his coat pocked and pulled out a gun and pointed it right at me and pulled the trigger. The gun was out of bullets. Why do I keep having dreams about guns being pulled on me???

    1. adliss says:

      I would look for an icon somewhere close in the dream, these are usually one colour once found never lost and complain to those who do the dream. They will put the dream into symbols you can under stand. If not they will give a dream you can understand easier the one above. Well deal with get the energy to go forward where you see things not or feel things not happening.

  6. Jackline Kurgat says:

    My last born son aged 12 years always dreams of bad things. He dreamt that I and his elder brother died. He worked up feeling very worried. Sometimes he talks in a dream. My husband also dreams eating.

  7. Mai Lou Yang says:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 4 months ago and 3 weeks ago, I had a dream that he came to haunt me. He looked like how he was when he was a child. In my dream, I could feel his anger and rage since we didn’t end it off in a very good way. Then, I found myself crying as I woke up. Does this mean something? Thank you!

  8. adliss says:

    I had a few goodin, one is after helping to get good crystal out of a creek i had to get to car to take some of them away to a rock and gem show. but I was driving from the back seat and could not even hit the brakes. after a panic, I stopped and said i don’t crash and the car stopped. i got a call from someone saying keep with the program. I said don’t go in for the night mares anymore. The caller said tough and hung up. So strange, oh yes dream in full since around colour and complain if the writing is not real.

  9. Sherry Hsu says:

    I would just like to say thank you! So THANK YOU!! I appreciate being able to gain new insights about my dreams that I struggled with prior to visiting your website. I just purchased your books and I am both excited and grateful that I can start decoding my dreams. Thank you for your work.
    Happily Dreaming,

  10. Krystal says:

    What about dreams that come true? I’ve dreamed of a house i’ve never seen before then a month later i see it. My sister has a dream my mom gets into a car accident and she did a month later. My mom had a dream that our house burned down and my family died then a week later my mom finds a split wire under the carpet. What do those mean? It’s happened so many times that it has to mean something.

    1. lindsay says:

      I keep have a reoccuring dream i am taking pregnancy tests and they come out positive but i am not pregnant! what does this mean!?

  11. I dream I was swimming back in a body of water

  12. Jayden says:

    Superbly iltnminaliug data here, thanks!

  13. Petros says:

    I dreamt my late friend borrowed me a car to drive around looking for room to rent

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