Ever have a fiery crash in your dreams? Whether it’s a car, plane or bus, the crash dream is scary as heck and often makes us fearful of traveling. You’ve got to remember though, that dreams are symbolic and as scary as a crash dream may be, the message it has for you is unbelievably helpful to your life…

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed that my dad and dog and I were on a plane when the wings broke off and we crashed into the ocean. We survived but my dog had turned into a fish. With its fins and tail severed and died in my arms. Also the ocean turned out to be a huge pool.   – Candice 31, Middletown, NY

Lauri: The plane crash suggests something you had high hopes for came crashing down instead of reaching new and higher levels. This most likely has to do with a relationship since your dog was a part of the dream. Dogs can usually be connected to a relationship in your life where there is friendship and loyalty. The breaking off of the wings suggests there has been a break up. Your dog turned into a fish because your dreaming mind is telling you there are other fish in the sea… and at the same time another part of you is telling you, “No more relationships for now,” hence the fish dying in your arms. The fins and tail are severed just like the wings of the plane that broke off, which means your wiser inner dreaming mind is telling you it is best that you sever ties. The ocean represents the vast, even overwhelming idea of dating again… it shrinks down to a pool because your dream is trying to show you the “dating pool” isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem at the moment. You can totally handle it! Don’t be overwhelmed or afraid. You deserve a healthy life companionship.

Candice replies: That interpretation was entirely spot on. I did just go through an awful breakup with a guy that had turned abusive towards me. I knew the dream stemmed from the breakup and am finding it probably is best to sever all ties from that person. The explanation was extremely helpful Thank you so much!

ctdcAs you can see from this dream, our dreams have an awful lot to tell us, every single night! No matter what issue life throws at you, your dreams will always be there to guide you through and help you find the answer you need… once you can understand them. You see, our dreams speak in symbols and being able to know what those symbols in your dreams mean is a huge key in unlocking the message. My book Cracking The Dream Code has a comprehensive dream dictionary of 1000 symbols fully explained: planes, fish, dogs, death, you name it, this book covers it! You’ll also learn how to remember your dreams, how to understand all the different parts of  your dreams and even how to dream about anything you want!! Trust me, bedtime will never be the same…

“I gave my daughter Cracking The Dream Code last night and she LOVED IT!  She claimed (from reading your book) that she already ‘made’ the dream she wanted to happen last night, happen.  *lol*  She wanted to write it down this morning and even took the book/journal with her to school today.” – Jennifer Keyes, Holt, MI

6 thoughts on “That awful plane crash dream

  1. David Moravec says:

    Lauri, I am a dream machine. Every night without fail. Mostly nice and peaceful & enjoyable, some continuations from other nights. Occasionally violent. When violent, I have ended up on the floor many times, after making a football tackle, basketball shot block, diving catch playing right field at Fenway Park or flying an airplane. Most times when flying I don’t crash, only once. The best ones are flying just me with no plane. Driving a car, going to crash, it’s OK, I know in the dream, I will wake up before the crash. The above violent one are still very enjoyable because I enjoy the excitement and adventure. I dream of the dead very often friend family pets, like they never died. The only sad part is, my son died 10 years ago age 34. I live a never ending broken heart and wish every night I could meet him in my dreams. This has happened only two times and years apart. Two wonderful times. I still search for him every night. David Moravec, Warwick, RI

  2. kalpana says:

    i had a dream that i was standing on the terrace with my father.and saw a plane crash a piece of it fell in front of me.and when the plane crashed i heared people shouting.however the crashed plane landed somewhere else..i was extremely scared and woke up

  3. hannelize says:

    Lauri, I need your insight! Please!
    Just cried myself awake! We were at the beach and next thing I was walking around the sand dunes on my way back to the house when a plane came flying over me en kept falling lower and lower. I ran to it to give it a lift and it glided for a few meters before crashing (into a pool at some house). I ran to it, when I got there the place was packed with people and I just cried, wanting to get my dad out! So I pushed through everyone and started saving people from the water, one of them a guy who works with me, but after getting everyone out; the told me my father didn’t make it (only him and the pilot). I cried myself awake; like real sobs… What on earth could this mean??

  4. Turkano says:

    Lauri, I really need your help on a dream. This dream touched me so nuch I have been trying to read it throughout the whole night.

    I dreamt that me and a good friend of mine sat in an expensive supercar, he was driving and I was sitting next to him in the front seat, suddenly he tells me to change the song in the car but he does it himself instead, then when I look up I see a carcrash 100 meters away from us and there is an old guy trying to cross the street but the old guy panics when he sees the carcrash. The old guy cant move and his jaw drops when he sees us coming on the same lane going towards him, I start screaming to my friend that there is an old guy crossing and he needs to brake down fast but my friend dosent react until the last second when it is too late, he runs the old guy over totally crushing him to pieces, my friend runs out of the car and realizes what he has done, falls to the ground and looks at the pile of bones and I run up to comfort him with holding him while he cries, blood and a pair of long long pants liying on top. I remember that this old man wore long long pants.

    What does this dream mean?? I would really appreciate an answer.
    Reegards “Dreamer”

  5. Wow. This is interesting. However, I've been having these strange dreams about being in a car, and it starts tilting to the right, or left depending what side of the bed you're sleepping on. What does this Mean.

  6. I have been flying sort of testing my wings. There is a conversation in the dream and I am saying I am afraid of going to high, I need more control over this. I come down , land on top of a white buliding , am afraid because although I am safe from flight height , I see no access to the building nor ladder down.

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