Ever have the same dream on the same night as someone else? That happened to my husband and I several years ago. On the same night we both dreamed of a house that was under construction and the only thing installed was an air conditioner! No, not a terribly exciting dream but, none the less, still a pretty freaky moment when we found out what the other had dreamed that night.

Recently, a woman asked me about that on my fanpage on Facebook because it had just happened to her and her daughter…

Dear Lauri,
My daughter ended up sleeping in my bed last night. We had the same exact dream. We went to a huge kid’s play land, the size of a large home. I couldn’t find her and I was going all over asking for help. There were so many kids. My daughter said, in her dream, she was at a play land and couldn’t find me. She was asking adults to help her. Can we have the same dream at the same time? – Candice 30, Salt Lake City

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Lauri: Yes, two people can have the same dream on the same night. It’s called shared dreaming and it usually happens to two people who are very close: husband and wife, best friends, mother and daughter. The reason why is because the two individuals are dealing with the same issue and their subconscious responds to it similarly by giving them comparable dreams. That being said, is there anything going on in your waking lives that is pulling you away from your daughter that would cause the two of you to miss each other? Are you working too much? Is there a shared custody arrangement? Anything like that? When you search for someone in a dream it often means you miss them or miss something about them.

Candice replies: Yes! I have been working more hours & she is starting a private school in a few weeks. She is going from half day at school to full day at school. I’m a single parent so we are super close. Thank you.

Kinda makes sense now doesn’t it? Shared dreaming is a fascinating event and researchers believe it happens way more than we think, simply because 1. not everyone remembers their dreams and 2. not everyone reports what they dreamed to others. Sigh. If only more people would pay attention to and journal their dreams, the world would be a much cooler place.

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29 thoughts on “Mother and daughter have the same dream on the same night

  1. kristen says:

    I have had very frequent shared dreams w/ my husband, and sometimes w/ my daughter too. It always amazes me! They won’t be identical, but will have the same setting, same theme, same feeling to it; it will get to where is ask what they dreamed first, just to see if it was what I dreamed! Often it is!

  2. Hank says:

    My wife and I were visiting her 96yr old mother. We had similiar dreams on the same night. It was about a huge spider, as big as a table. We have never had this experience. The reason we were aware is because the next morning my wife started talking about this strange dream. Of course having had a very alike dream, we talked about it. We think it very odd. The mother is a very controlling person and we wondered if this had anything to do with it.

  3. dream says:

    Yes Hank, that would have everything to do with it! Typically, we’ll get bugs in our dreams when something in waking life is really “bugging us.” Spiders, however, are often connected to someone who has created a web of lies or someone that is causing you to feel trapped, as webs are designed to trap prey. So I would say you and your wife are clearly on the same page in regards to her mother!

  4. Shannon says:

    A few days ago I had two back to back dreams about being shot. My 21 month old son was in the first dream. When the second dream ended, with me getting shot, I was immediately woken up by my son crying. The thought occured to me that we may have been having the same dream at the same time but I didn’t know if that was possible so I decided to look it up and found this page. I don’t know if he did have the same dream since he is so young and not talking much yet. It took him about thirty minutes to calm down after he woke up and I just find it too much of a coincidence that he woke up crying the second the dream ended. I’m a stay at home mom and am with him all day so we are very close. Is it possible for this to happen with a child so young?! What does that kind of dream mean??

    1. Rudy says:

      I can relate 100%, no lie before God almighty. My daughter and I shared the same dream at the sand exact time.
      My daughter is 7 years old though and was able to describe it to me.
      I let my daughter sleep next to me that night and I had a dream that I was a police officer in an alley with my partner than out of nowhere a crazy guy with a gun jumped out and started shooting and it hit me in the chest, and it was like I really felt it. It scared me so much I woke up breathing kind of fast, my daughter NO LIE just started crying in her sleep, I new she was having s nightmare so I woke her up and said what’s wrong baby?.. She replied I had a nightmare, ( I’m thinking, man md too) than I ask her to tell me what happened , she replied you got shot . I’m thinking My God, I’m kinda scared to ask more but I couldnt help it and did , she put her little fingers in my chest exactly where I was shot in my dream. This bugged me out bad.. I just pray to God and I am a little more cautious . Don’t know much about dreams, never really remember my dreams but that was real.
      Don’t know if anyone can relate or has a thought on this?.. – Rudy

      1. Toya S Williams says:

        Omg I can relate! Me and my daughter was sleep in the same bed, I had a dream someone choked her to death! The was so fun freaked out I woke up instantly! She was still asleep. Then all of a sudden she was coughing in her sleep, like she was choking! I will her up and asked her what was wrong? She said she had a dream that someone was choking her, and it ireally scared me!

    2. Rudy says:

      To add me and my daughter are very close.. I have custody of her and when I’m at work she can’t wait for me to get home and when I’m not working were about 95% together .. Home , movies, church, park and she’s home schooled.

      1. Melissa says:

        Very scary, I had a dream last night that I was shot in the back. I was so disturbed I had to wake my husband to share, so I could calm down. Taking my daughter (Age 16) to the orthodontist she was telling me that she had such a scary dream that SHE was shot in the back. Now the location of each shooting was different for each of us. Mine was at home, hers was at school. Do you think this is something that is related or I should research further?? Please note: I am a frequent and vivid dreamer 🙁 sure wish I could sleep better!

  5. Wyatt Johnson says:

    I have shared the same thing with my daughter last night and researched it today to see if there is an answer for this. I had a dream about my daughter and son playing with a puppy outside, i was working outside seemed like i was building something out in the country. The kids were following the puppy around when i heard them scream and cry, i ran to investigate a mountain lion had the puppy and was, lets just say trying to eat it. I had a rifle and shot it. I woke up right after that it was terrifying, my heart was pounding when i woke up. I am a truck driver and am in texas at the moment. I called my wife this morning and told her about it, she said my daughter also had a dream just like that and woke up crying, she is five by the way. I talked to her and she said some thing was hurting coco’s neck and that i got it, coco is our now 1 year old lab. My daughter and i are very close she is a daddy’s girl and misses me alot when i am gone.

  6. Justin says:

    Years ago while I was in college my sister and I had the same dream in the same night. My sister and I weren’t very close because she is five years older than me and at the time I hadn’t seen or spoken to her for months. I dreamed I was at my grandpas left side and she was at his right. My sister and I were terrified of a sea monster in his catfish pond. He said “that’s nothing to worry about. Just ignore it.”
    I told my dad about the dream on my next visit home and he nearly choked. He had me call my sister and she confirmed every detail (except my sea monster changed physical features like snout and tail as hers changed only in color). My grandpa passed away of cancer a couple years after that dream night. He never told anyone in the family he was getting chemo and never showed signs of it.

  7. Melanie says:

    My daughter and I had the same dream in one night. It was about our dog who I had to have put to sleep because he was showing serious aggression. We raised him from a puppy and we were all very close to him. We loved him very much. My kids don’t know I had him put to sleep. We tried everything. Training, professionals, regular walks for the dog, the vet, but he got worse. Anyway,it has been a year since he has been gone. I had a dream last night that our dog was running down the street and we greeted him in our driveway. We were all very excited and happy. It was so real. For some reason I felt a need to ask my kids if they dreamt about our dog last night and my daughter said yes. She dreamt she saw our dog running towards us in front of the house. She said everyone was very happy to see him. I don’t ever talk about our dog to my daughter. She thinks our dog is in a nice new home somewhere. The strange thing is that she said that I was not there with them.

  8. vicki says:

    my oldest daughter and i had the exact same dream last night.. we dreampt that our male cat was right outside our front door meowing to get in and he was with our female cat…. Sadly our male cat has been missing for a few weeks.. in some way, i am hoping that means he will meander back home 🙁

  9. me and my boyfriend have been away from eachother for 6 mnths its the longest in 20 yrs we did everything together he is my soul mate normally he don't dream but sence hes been away he dreams hes always trying to touch me finally he touched me and could smell my breath then we both had a dream about the same thing mine was wrecking in a brown truck w a canopy we rolled his was a wreck also with me the same night it was awesome to share that experience even so far away I feel him he feels me we r linked.

  10. Tonia DeLa Cruz Rients says:

    What are you smoking lmao

  11. Tonia DeLa Cruz Rients It might sound ridiculous, but dreams always have a meaning, no matter how strange they are.

  12. This always struck me as odd, but the more I've learned about consciousness and basic psychology, the less "supernatural" it is! It's just the basic rules of consciousness, that there are only so many ways the human brain can create things until thy share a pattern.

    Now I am tempted to debate at the drop of a hat that the REAL supernatural and paranormal findings and experiences (seeing into the future, mind reading, messages from god, being contacted by extraterrestrials, encountering demons, spirits or angels etc) are strictly linked to US and ONLY us…yet the true supernatural/paranormal powers are all simply within the mind which does not, by ANY means make it any less important or fantastic!

    Amazing, isn't it?

  13. Phyllis Dirienzo says:

    It is important to write things down, I had this experience with my son It was amazing. I have seen spirits in the past mant times theese spirits are streaks of light coloured twine like usually i see this and there are 4 or 5 stringlike (silly string in a can ) exactly like that they move from one place to another one night i woke up my bedroom was full of this silly string stuff it was all tangled trying to dissapear but there was so much of it and so tangled that it couldent dissapear fast enough I woke my son up he was beside me he woke up and saw the same thing i was looking at we were both watching this in aww trying to grab at it our hands went threw it we could see it but not grab it just watched it dissapear while unraveling till there was none left My son is 24 now and we still talk about this experience I believe we really saw this but sometimes i wonder if it was a dream we both shared . It also happend years later I started telling him about a dream i had and to be carful about something I dreamp of and he finished telling me what happenf in the dream he drempt the same dream ,

  14. Aria Holman says:

    So this is crazy. A few nights ago my mother and I had the same dream. Well its like the same dream guy visted both our dreams. The only way to describe him is to compare him to juan don haha. Tall sexy spanish man, long hair, and built! I explained my dream to her explaining how weird it was to wake up ans miss my dream man. She exclaimed she too dreamed the EXACT guy. I know my mom and I have similar experiences but how can we dream the exact features of this guy?

  15. Viva LaBleue says:

    Last night, my new boyfriend came over for the first time. The kids were sleeping. Anyways after he left, I fell asleep,.had a very intense dream that I was attempting to escape him and he was beating me with a piece of wood stripping. I was trying my best to escape but he got me but I wasn't afraid. I woke up to find both my kids sleeping on bed with me. Asked my son why he came in my bed, he replied that I was being chased by a monster and he wanted to keep me safe. My daughter who's 3, said I was getting hit on my legs and screaming. My son is 4. I'm gonna break up with this guy because that was too freaky.

  16. Marie Damore says:

    Actually my daughter and I have shared dreams all the time and they are premonitions, not subconscious dreams. Other times I will dream of someone I haven't seen in a long time who she never met and upon wakening she will describe a person she met with me in the same house that I dreamt and describe his profession and his family who she never met. Ironically I had the same dream the same night. We are close. I believe it is shared brain waves!

  17. Danielle Tillotson Newman says:

    My daughter and I have been having dreams that are not similar but have the same people and items in them. When she was a baby if I had a nightmare within seconds she would wake up screaming. It's fascinating!

  18. My grandparents passed recently… I had a dream that I was at a lakehouse talking to them and they told me everything was okay and that they are finally together again and are happy and that htey would see me when they see me.. I told my mom about it 2 days later.. she had the same dream as me. she brought up people in the dream I remembered seeing but weren't significant in my dream.. she didn't talk to my grandparents but said someone else was but she was too busy talking to my dad (her ex husband) about everything.. she described the exact setting that I was in in my dream.. then we started crying it was a very odd but kind of reassuring experience.

  19. Sair Taylor says:

    I'm very close to my daugher,she is expecting her first baby in 2 weeks, my first grandchild, we're all very excited, I dreamt last night she had the baby at my mum in laws house (who's passed 4 yrs ago?) i txt her as soon as I woke up at 6am,, was in shock as she drempt her waters had broken ! So were just waiting to see if baba makes an appearance soon 🙂 there def is a connection with us

  20. Me and my daughter had the same dream last night! I had a baby and she was so cute! I dint know what it means! The baby looked the same in both are dream,, and we both felt so much love!

  21. Dear Lori me and .y mother both had a dream about one of us getting shot and we were in the same exact place and where we got shot and she freaking out

  22. Jean Regan says:

    the other night I dreamed that our dog was downstairs in our basement looking up at me…she is afraid of the stairs and would never ever go down them, I called my husband and said come look Maddie went down the stairs. The next morning when I woke. forgot all about it till my husband said as I was getting my coffee, "I had the weirdest dream that Maddie went down into the basement and was looking up at me!" OMG I had such a weird feeling in my stomach. We both couldn't believe it… we had almost the exact dream! That's never happened before to me and have no idea what it could mean??

  23. Nisha Malik says:

    Last night, my mom, my lil sis and I, all three of us dreamt same thing at exactly same time that my younger sister was being raped and tortured. I am the one who lives all alone hundreds of kilometers from home. Now, everyone is tensed about me and thinks that it may be an indication of some unpleasant happening. I am scared too as I am a working girl residing alone in an apartment of a metro city.

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  25. Laurie says:

    My stepmom and I both had a dream that my sister (her daughter) died and we both woke up bawling. We live about 30 minutes apart and had this dream on the same night. Praying real hard now.

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