We all know Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I have A Dream” speech, but what you may not know is that Dr. King had an actual, nighttime, REM dream that seemed eerily prophetic!

According to a documentary on The History Channel, on January 15, 1968, during his 39th birthday party, King told his aide Dorothy Cotton a dream he had the night before…

“I had died and no one was there. I yelled to Ralph Abernathy (a minister, civil rights leader and close friend to King), Ralph, bring those people standing there over here.”

Was this dream warning him of what was to become a reality only two and a half months later? No one can say for sure, but what is a fact is that other notable figures who made huge waves in history had dreams of their own deaths only weeks beforehand, Elvis, Princess Diana and Abraham Lincoln, just to name a few.

What is telling about Dr. King’s dream, is that he seemed to know that he would die before his dream of racial equality would be realized, which is why, in the dream, he asks his close friend and fellow civil rights leader to finish the job by “Bringing those people standing there, over here.”

We use the term “where someone stands” when referring to their point of view on an issue. Bringing “those people who stand over there – who have a different standpoint than King’s – over here” is all about King’s hope that one day all of humanity would stand together.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. ” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

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15 thoughts on “MLK’s dream you probably didn’t know about

  1. Wendi says:

    That is so amazing! How can our dreaming minds know things that can happen before the fact?

    I’ve heard people saying that it’s our subconscious mind making connections, but there seems to be too many conflicting articles and replicated evidence that suggests otherwise.

    My question is how can one tell a prophetic dream away from a regular dream about ones life at present or past?

    I’ll definitely be “keeping a eye” on your site more often!!

  2. Here's an interesting fact, after reading your book I started having dreams similarily as you have written them in your book 'dream on it' and I have no problem understanding them

  3. Flanigan Sean says:


  4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Randy Pytel says:

    I'm sure that being the most vocal figure for the civil rights movement makes one KEENLY aware that someone who hates what you stand for will try to silence you. we can all be grateful he was willing to put his life on the line in spite of the dangers.

    1. http://www./ says:

      skriver:Va roligt, bara för att du är så genuint ärligt så skal jag trycka på din G+1..Man kommer långt med humor, och rankar också högt med humor.. Keep up the good work och så skal jag läsa mera på din blogg.

    2. My Dad has been in compter prograing since 1970s, when comuters tookup hole rooms, till in it now.My oldest brother has studied IT.The second youngest is studying Physics with Nanotechnology at University. The youngest brother (still at school) wants to contiune into A-levels with Media, IT, Design realted studies. I will pass this video onto them as it would certainly be of intrest! thankyou for posting.

  6. Is it REALLY "prophetic" or just us making subconscious connections before the conscious mind catches up to the similarities? I honestly do not thoroughly believe in premonitions, especially not so much after reading your books! It, to me, is merely a subconscious connection, like how people worry that murder dreams or cheating dreams are a "vision of the future"…when it's not!

    It's like people who claim they had a dream of the Titanic sinking…stating they saw it SINKING, yet I often wonder how many of them went into any other detail! It could have sunk some other way in their dreams/visions, but the fact they claim they saw it "SINKING" that's all people look at, not taking time to compare their ideas with the real life event. It could have sunk in their visions by a missile, a tsunami, engine failure etc. It can be very misleading and manipulative that way. Besides…even if they were 100% accurate…what are the chances of anyone making that guess? Several people called in and reported having that "vision" and suddenly it occurs…precognition, or just a great guess that millions of people could have come up with?

    When it comes to truly prophetic dreams, that I can argue as the inner mind ALREADY knowing of something, like say, being pregnant, ill or missing something in diet. The brain knows this, it's not something that is completely unrelated to the persons' life. For me, the truly precognitive nature of dreams and the subconscious have to be something the person is ALREADY KNOWLEDGEABLE OF, but maybe not on a conscious level, such as actual cheating, lying, betrayal etc.

    What are your thoughts on this, Lauri?

  7. Your books have really help me to understand my dreams 100% better and have really improve my Life. (DREAM ON IT) This book is a must have Book! -Sudie Lumpkin Pahrump, NV.

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  8. Karla Lopez says:

    I guess he really "had a dream".

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  10. Louise says:


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