RondaMy favorite type of dream to get is the star studded celebrity dream. I swear a celebrity makes a cameo in my dreams practically every night. The celebrity dream is also my favorite type of dream to interpret because, for the dreamer, the various celebrities that have made an appearance seem completely random. But as I always say, NOTHING IN A DREAM IS RANDOM. It’s fun to help the dreamer connect the dots between the celebrity and their own life. There is ALWAYS a connection and when it is found… so is the message.

Here’s an example of a celebrity dream I recently helped a client with…

Last night’s dream was EPIC! I quit my job to go be in a movie with Ronda Rousey and I was going to be a dish washer. What could that mean? – Anonymous, Modesto, CA

Lauri:  In real life do you want to quit your job? If not, then there is likely something else in your life that requires a lot of work, like a relationship or a project, that you wish to quit. Ronda Rousey is the fighter in you. What situation is a battle for you right now? Rhonda also suffered a humiliating defeat. What is causing you to feel humiliated or defeated? Since this dream was all about being in a movie, this may be an issue that is playing out in front of others. Your role is a dish washer, which is your dreaming mind telling you to clear the air or clean up the mess, so to speak.

Anonymous replies: Interesting. I am fighting for something I shouldn’t be fighting for, a very messy situation. Something I desperately want and shouldn’t be part of. Long story short, I have been dealing with my flirtatious husband’s actions and decided to start living MY own life. Someone from my past has resurfaced and you could say we are now involved.

Lauri: Think hard about it and ask yourself why you think your dreaming mind chose Ronda to symbolize you right now.

Anonymous replies: Ronda is tough as nails and I believe she will win again. In the same way, I have reclaimed myself and refuse to be treated so badly. I deserve better. I don’t want to live a sad life always wanting more and being humiliated by a husband that flirts with other women. I am ready to end this marriage, just not sure how to get started. Thank you. The brain is amazing.

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Yes indeed. The brain truly is amazing and has a really cool way of using celebrities to illustrate the different parts of our self.  The next time you get a celebrity in your dream, ask yourself these questions:

What is the celebrity in your dream best known for?

Is it a character they play? Can you relate to that character in your life right now?

Is it a movie? Does that movie fit your life right now?

Is it a song? Does the title or the lyrics of the song make sense to your current situation?

Or is it something else they are known for like the dream above where Ronda Rousey is known for being a fighter? How does that quality apply to you?

These questions should help you see how the celebrity in the dream is representing something about yourself and how the celebrity’s actions in the dream are  advice you are giving yourself.

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