Dave-Grohl1Ever get that recurring dream about a house you’ve never been to? Well then, you’re in good company because Foo Fighter’s lead man, Dave Grohl, recently revealed to Us Weekly that he has been getting that dream his entire life!  “My entire life, I’ve had the same recurring dream about a house I’ve never been to.”

The unfamiliar house dream is actually a very common dream. You see, the house – whether it’s your actual house, a house you used to live in or some random dream house – represents YOU! The house in your dream represents everything about you and how you live.  The style of the home, the condition of the home, what happens in the home, even the rooms in the home are connected to you and how you feel about your self as well as what is going on inside the psyche that your body houses.  The dreaming mind uses the home in order to show you yourself and your state of mind in the form of a physical structure so you can better understand your own personality construct, thought construct and even body construct.  Look at your house dreams as an honest blueprint of your current self image.

In most cases, dreaming of an unfamiliar house suggests the dreamer is still getting to know her or himself and is discovering things about themselves they didn’t previously know, like discovering new talents, skills, opinions or ideas.  Dave Grohl, being a musician and song writer, it would make sense that he’s constantly coming up with new ideas and opinions. However, the unfamiliar house dream can also mean that you are not feeling “at home” in your current life, that what you are dealing with or where your life is at is not comfortable or what you you think it should be. This could also fit for Dave because in that same US Weekly article he states that he’s been touring almost every year since he was 17. He literally isn’t “at home” a good portion of each year so his life is made up of unfamiliar places.

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16 thoughts on “Dave Grohl’s recurring house dream

  1. agnes léglise says:

    wow, I made that recurrent dream for years and always wondered what it meant . your explanation is so clear, I finally understand it. thank you !

  2. agnes léglise says:

    ( and please excuse my english)

  3. I dream about a house all the time! Thank you for the post, it was very helpful!

  4. Mary Derr says:

    The first recurring house dream I ever had, which lasted about 10 years, turned out to be the infamous Winchester house…mind you..Id never heard of the Winchester house when the dreams started! I later started another house dream that was short lived! Now I have a recurring dream of my doublewide home, only it is doubled in width and I walk up n down the dark hallways opening each door, only to see the most beautiful rooms…and then I get to the end of the halls with one door left….and I never open it…I fear it…it makes me very afraid and I always wake up smiling about the beautiful rooms but then feeling fear bout the door I wont open! :-

    1. Kat says:

      Mary Derr, do you believe in spirits? Perhaps that or fear of the unknown is why you do not open the door…

    2. Catherine Villanueva says:

      I dream about the winchester house too! I never knew about it till recently and I always dream I get stuck in the attic or the basement and I can’t get out. Idk if there is an attic or a basement in that house but that’s what I dream.

  5. Arcturas Trosper says:

    i had the same dream, only i opened the door once. When i dreamed about it the next time i recognized where i was at, and got dragged down the hall to it……..sleep is not my friend.

  6. i study dreams and have also had recurring dreams all my life about different unfamiliar houses. some eerie mansions, some enchanted cottages ect… this particular dream I just woke from this am actually started out as myself, a patron in a poorly run restaurant; so much so I was compelled to try to help get the correct order to a customer close by. when I realized the service was a complete disaster and the customer had walked out, I too left. I came upon an unfamiliar house with the intentions of talking with the unhappy customer. when the door opened I was face to face with Dave Groh of the Foo Fighters! at this point my consciousness kicked in and reminded me, you're having one crazy dream! anyway, I was very pleased to be invited in to chill with him. the conversation, I only rememeber fragments of music and life in general, but one thing in particular that stood out- he was barefoot and propped up. I couldn't help but notice, and told him, "you have very nice feet!" at that point I knew i had to pull myself out of my dream state. it was way to pleasant and thought it may have been just a pleasant mind trick to make me oversleep my miserable work schedule today! just minutes later my alarm went off to my set, jazzy sax beginning of Ariana Grande 's (Problem)! haha! i'm happy I'm not late and have time to listen to some of Dave's new music before work, but i'm left wondering why the hell was I focused on his feet??? and why I randomly came upon this website initially with his dream testimony so easily??

  7. In my dream: I buy a house which I owned previously and since I owned it the first time a giant lake has been created in the back yard. The "tidal waves" reach within a few feet of the back patio. Sometimes I find the previous owners built a hidden basement under the house but I always dream of the same layout, same number of rooms, etc. The house is also haunted and I'm the only one affected by the spirit.
    ANY THOUGHTS on what this means? I'm usually pretty good and understanding dreams but this one has me confused.

  8. I've had a recurring dream about a mansion I grew up in since I was seven, I'm now in my sixties. Every time I enter this house in my dream, the grand staircase and balcony are there but I always find new rooms that I never saw before. About ten years ago, I stayed in this mansion (it is now a bed and breakfast). The grand staircase and balcony were not a part of the house as I had dreamed but there were more rooms than I ever imagined. It has always been a pleasant dream, I just don't know why I keep dreaming about this house after all these years.

  9. In my comment below, I meant to say that this mansion was in my hometown, not that I grew up in it.

  10. In my dream, I start off in my own house but for some reason or another I need to use my "spare house" now I live in a medium size semi detached, my "spare house is behind a door or sometimes a small door in a cupboard. When I open the door it opens up into the most beautiful house I have ever seen! I start off in the enormous open plan kitchen dining room with a big wooden dining table, enough for 20 people to sit at. Then through doble doors to the livingroom. It looks like a ski lodge with a big open fire and big leather sofas and chairs. There is a door to the right that take me to the bedrooms but everything changes the rooms look old and cold with the paint coming off the walls. There is a twin room on the left and a signal room on the right. I wake up happy but wishing it was real.


    It's about my mom and she keeps buying this rundown house that is haunted and everything I walk past it In my dream I see ghosts in it and every time somebody used to go in it they wouldn't come out and doors would change like a door could lead to a hallway one moment and the next it would lead to nothing or a closet and every time I figure something out about the house I end up dieing or one of the people with me dies and than I wake up but it's like bloody gruesome death like blood all over but before that my dream was about the basement of a house that was like a castle and was about peoe getting murdered and I was trying to help my friends escape and I also was killing them at the same time so eas if anybody could tell me what this means it would be great

  12. I read that houses in dreams discribe you so it could mean that you are a really beautiful amazing person and you just haven't noticed it yet

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  14. Lila Smith says:

    I am 64 and have resided in 2 places in my life but have dreamed both, so glad to have found this article, these 2 residences are totally different but I have shared both with many, many different people, including family members and dead relatives turn up now and again, one residence is like a flat in part of an old house, more and more rooms turn up, chaos reigns frequently, and I am usually in a state of fear, the second residence is like a boarding house in a small village, bottom level is quite wrecked and an assortment of people live here, but I am in charge some happiness does occur, but again there is still chaos and not knowing what comes next.. I have never lived in or been in any houses like these in my life, but at last I may have some sort of explanation.

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