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Lauri is a Certified Dream Analyst, syndicated columnist, author, popular radio personality, speaker and member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, an international organization whose purpose, among other things, is to conduct and encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming.

She spent much of her childhood keeping a dream journal in order to capture all those wonderfully strange adventures she experienced every night…

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MLK’s Dream You Probably Didn’t Know About

We all know Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I have A Dream” speech, but what you may not know is that Dr. King had an actual, nighttime, REM dream that seemed eerily prophetic! According to a documentary on The History Channel, on January 15, 1968, during his 39th...

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In this easy-to-use guide, renowned dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg gives you the tools to interpret the often confounding language of dreams.

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Raise your hand if you enjoy exploring your own inner universe each night! 🙋‍♀️ Last night, in my inner universe, I was drinking heavily with Jack Black! 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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People send me funny dreams. I post them so you can enjoy them too! Read on to find out what this dream means...

ME: Are there any current issues or concerns with your aunt? If not, she would then most likely represent a part of YOU! In order to figure that out, try to pinpoint something that the two of you have in common. How do you identify with her?

DREAMER: No current concerns with my aunt. Well, except that she's a heavy drinker. I used to have that in common with her but yesterday I hit my one year sober mark so, I can't think of anything else we have in common. I don't see her often.

ME: One year sober is a huge deal. Mazel tov!! And that is precisely why you had this dream. Now that you've gone a whole year without a drink, you probably feel a bit more secure in your ability to be able to do this. This also changes how you identify with yourself. You no longer identify as a heavy drinker. That part of you - that is like your aunt - has "died," hence the funeral. The subconscious will provide a funeral for us when we need to fully let go of something that is no longer viable. So you can now put that part of you to rest!

DREAMER: So interesting. Why Space Mountain tho? I haven't been to Disney in probably 20 years.

ME: My guess is that it is because it is futuristic. It is in Tomorrowland. So perhaps, even tho you have successfully put an end to your drinking, your subconscious wants you keep in mind and be prepared for a "rollercoaster" in the future when it comes to temptation. There are gonna be ups and there are gonna be downs. Just be sure to keep your hands inside the ride at all times. 😉

DREAMER: I can't begin to wrap my mind around how cool this is. It makes so much sense. Especially since the dream was last night, the day of my 1 year anniversary. Wild! Thank you so much!

**Have you had a really FUNNY dream that made you think WTF? Sum it up in ONE SENTENCE, post it in the comments, and I may use it in a future post! And if you want to talk to me on the phone about your dream, where we can go really in depth and figure it ALL out, you can set that up at the lin k in the comments below.
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Been following the Gabby Petito case? I was a guest on Popcorned Planet last week and we talked about how dreams have solved true crime cases, how to use your dreams to improve your life, my theory on why Brian Laundrie strangled Gabby 🥺😢😭, how to remember your dreams and more!

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Raise your hand if you enjoy exploring your own inner universe each night! 🙋‍♀️ Last night, in my inner universe, I was drinking heavily with @jackblack 😁

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I think this is extremely fertile ground for healing trauma and other forms of therapy.
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