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Lauri is a Certified Dream Analyst, syndicated columnist, author, popular radio personality, speaker and member of IASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, an international organization whose purpose, among other things, is to conduct and encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming.

She spent much of her childhood keeping a dream journal in order to capture all those wonderfully strange adventures she experienced every night…

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Your scariest, naughtiest and freakiest dreams explained here.

MLK’s Dream You Probably Didn’t Know About

We all know Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I have A Dream” speech, but what you may not know is that Dr. King had an actual, nighttime, REM dream that seemed eerily prophetic! According to a documentary on The History Channel, on January 15, 1968, during his 39th...

Dream On It

In this easy-to-use guide, renowned dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg gives you the tools to interpret the often confounding language of dreams.

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🌛 This is the subconscious dreaming mind in a nutshell. Want to learn more about your magical, mysterious dreaming mind?

👂Listen to WhatDayIsIt #podcast here: t.co/ztUcV33tqP Find out how to figure out your dreams, what common dreams mean, how to journal your dreams and more!
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People send me funny dreams. I post them so you can enjoy them too! Read on to find out what interesting issue caused this dream. And let me know what advice you would give this dreamer.

ME: Oh my. Sounds like you are having a bit of a communication issue. Teeth dreams, more often then not, are connected to something you have said, or wish you had said, in real life. Since your teeth fell out, is there anything that came out of your mouth recently that you wish you could take back?

DREAMER: Oh God yes. The other night my boyfriend of over two years and I were, you know, and in the heat of the moment I let "I love you" slip out. He never said it back. I have been mortified ever sense.

ME: This is probably where the tombstones come in. Have you been worried that this slip up could "kill" your relationship?

DREAMER: Yes! This is making so much sense now. He hasn't said it back but he also isn't acting any different towards me but I feel so vulnerable and can't stop thinking I messed up.

ME: The fact that his behavior towards you has not changed is a very good sign. He may be building up the courage to say it back. Or he may just be a chapter or two behind you in the story of your relationship. Try not to sweat it. If the relationship hasn't changed and is still enjoyable, keep enjoying it!

**Have you had a really FUNNY dream that made you think WTF? Sum it up in ONE SENTENCE, post it in the comments, and I may use it in a future post! And if you want to talk to me on the phone about your dream, where we can go really in depth and figure it ALL out, you can set that up at the lin k in the comments below.
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Want to be able to remember your dreams every morning? This little trick totally works!! *This book is also available on Amazon. ... See MoreSee Less

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Want to learn more about your magical, mysterious dreaming mind? Listen to WhatDayIsIt #podcast here: https://linktr.ee/whatdayisitpodcast 🌛Find out how to figure out your dreams, what common dreams mean, how to journal your dreams
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When you're in the process of waking up and Live! with Kelly and Ryan call you for an emergency dream interpretation and throw you on the air...
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Bustle asked me if any strange things happen to our body while we dream. My answer? "Oh you betcha!!" Orgasms, paralysis and more!
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I am constantly asked, "What if I don't dream?" You DO. Every night. Read on to find out how to remember them every morning and a very powerful trick journaling them.

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