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  • Why we get recurring dreams
    victorian room

    Recurring dreams are like Deja Vu for the subconscious mind; it is reliving something it already experienced. While the reasons for a conscious Deja Vu are still theoretical, the reasons for a subconscious Deja Vu – or recurring dream – are pretty solid… and there are two of them. One reason is that the recurring…

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  • When you dream about… man parts

    Every week I get to interpret a naughty, sex or relationship dream for my friends over at Em & Lo: Sex, Love and Everything In Between. This week’s dream was a “firm” (ahem) example of how your dreams never mean what you think.  So if your dreams are making you feel like a sick freak,…

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  • How a spider dream helped a woman end a bad relationship
    clear spider

    I am forever beating the drum about how our dreams help us to improve every area of our lives, especially the relationship area. Below is a recent example of this. A single mom had been struggling with a relationship for quite some time; she was unsure if she should continue to give it effort or…

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