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  • You won’t believe what Taylor Swift dreams about!

    I must confess, I just love celebrities. My guilty pleasure is losing myself in the onslaught of celebrity gossip blogs. I can waste so much time doing this! So I find it particularly fascinating when a celebrity talks about a dream he or she has had because there is nothing more revealing about a person…

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  • Is Robin Williams communicating with Dana Carvey in his dreams?

    This morning I was doing my weekly spot on 105.3 HOT FM in Grand Rapids when the hosts, Gravy and Rachael asked me about a story they saw in The National Enquirer, which states that comedian DANA CARVEY is telling pals he’s convinced there is life after death, because the spirit of his friend Robin…

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  • Elvis’s Dream

    Happy Birthday to The King! Elvis would have been 80 today and in honor of his birthday I say we delve deep into his psyche! Whatya say? As most Elvis fans know, he was born a twin. Sadly, his brother Jesse was stillborn. As the surviving twin, this is something that haunted Elvis his entire…

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